Adventure in the Spinward Marches

The story begins
Eight people one place is where the story begins

Barron Travis awakens in a coffin-like sleeping chamber with a computer like alarm informing him that this is his’ wake-up call. He checks the news for a price and then decided to leave and catch his connection on the Laxiline Empress. While else where you see a fleet footed Kelvin dodging gun fire while three men give chase after him. But wait there is more…a casual conversation between Ken and his’ friend is interrupted by the gun fire of Jiro as Kelvin rounds a corner and heads straight for the gangplank of the Laxiline Empress. On the gangplank Simon a knight awaits his’ turn with checking in and argues with the steward of which items are allowed for a noble at which time Travis joins in the conversation and assist Simon. Franticly Kelvin makes it past Ken and onto the laxiline Empress, while the three men stop and break off the chase. Only Jiro calmly makes his way past Ken and his friend to the laxiline Empress. Onboard the ship we see Victor relaxing on a bed eating a complementary fruit basket thinking how nice it was to send himself on a vacation, he really needed this. While on the promenade a well dressed man sees Jiro looking for clothing and a young woman catches his’ eye. While not dressed flashy or even flattering he takes notice then dismisses Jinix, and even though she notices Keziah watching her she thinks he doesn’t know anything so just walk away and keep calm no one needs to die today.

The ship leaves with many people onboard and while some say goodbye to loved ones or start the partying you see Jinix at a bar having a drink, when the noble baron Travis arrives and buys her a drink. She accepts as is customary but tries to avert his attention to other things and breaths better but not easier when Simon another noble joins him, she cannot seem to get away from their likes. Then Kelvin takes the seat next to her and tries to start a conversation to be interrupted when a generous patron buys drinks for the bar. Free drinks are always good so when Kelvin turns to thank the kind sir he is taken back to see Jiro the man who was following him. Others (Victor, Ken, & Keziah) slip into the bar and find places to people watch or enjoy a good meal. Soon a Vargr enters the room accompanied by a droid and offers to pay everyone’s bar & food bill for the night, then has a waitress provide invites to the eight asking for them to hear about a business proposal aka a job at 10 pm then walks out. While the others eat and drink Jinix follows him out of the bar and questions him. You don’t know anyone so why us? He informs he knows more than she thinks and provides enough information on her situation for her to ask is this blackmail? He assures her if it was she wouldn’t be here and then he feels she and the others could help him with a problem. Once they talk she informed him that she will think it other and they can talk at 10pm. She then leaves to check out this Mr. Volsate – Vargr, part of the merchant guild, CEO of the Tukeraline which owns the Laxiline Empress.

When 10pm comes all eight meet in the penthouse of the ship. Mr. Volsate and his’ droid then provide everyone with an opportunity to make money running mail and other deliveries for him and when the contracts are handed out so are files with personal information for each person to know he picked them for a reason. It is asked if this is being shared and he answers no. Others ask must they sign the contract he again says no and they can even have a lawyer review it first. Jinix, Ken, Keziah and Kelvin sign in order while the others want time to review and think. Mr. Volsate informs all they have been upgraded to the penthouse and each has a suite to choose from – they can move their items or have a purser do it for them. Jinix talks to each person (other than the nobles after all they are acting like snobby nobles) to find out what they are and what they can do. She finds out Ken is former military and an engineer, Victor a computer hacker, Jiro a man who will not answer questions and lies about who he sees as a friend, Travis is a would be friend of Jiro like a dog and a cat locked in a small room wonder which will bite first, Keziah is a doctor who likes to people watch, better keep him close or far away from her – she not sure which yet.

People break off into room for the night and Victor has fun at Simon’s expense and changes his room. When he returns at 12 midnight he is angered by the fact he no longer has a room the employees try to let him know he was upgraded to a penthouse but he is still angered by the action. So after awhile Mr. Volsate comes to resolve the issue and offers a full refund for passage on the ship, a new room of similar quality as the one lost, all food and drink paid for and his sincere apology. But Simon wants more and talks about how Mr. Volsate shows no honor and does not want the penthouse suite as he doesn’t want to get fleas from him. Mr. Volsate now angered demeands a duel and ask first blood or to the death? While readying himself for the duel by removing his robes Simon hits him before he is ready or armed. After a few blows Simon demands for Mr. Volsate to go to his knees. Mr. Volsate asks if Simon wants to call this a draw of which he does at that time and the droid’s weapons power down.

Nothing note worthy happens the rest of the trip and when they dock Mr. Volsate give the group information on the ship and each makes way to different destinations. Simon, Travis, Victor and Kelvin go to a bar of which they get separated and Simon is kidnapped and awakes in a hospital while Travis and Kelvin have dinner with some local nobles and Victor see Simon’s kidnapping and heads toward the new ship. Ken and Jiro left the liner to inspect the ship for the job. With like mind Jinix and Keziah take her gravity vessel to also inspect the ship and get to know each other a bit better. When they arrive they help Ken and Jiro open the ship. All parties think it will take weeks if not months to get the ship space travel worthy. Keziah wonders what happened and why provide a deathtrap of a ship. While Ken and Jinix inspect the inside and help the winged vermin leave their home while Keziah contacts Mr. Volsate regarding the condition of the ship and how are they supposed to do the job with a vessel in this condition.

Traveller's Log
A blog for your campaign
A week in Jump without killing anyone

After two weeks of repairs and
cleaning, the Grendelsbane is allegedly
spaceworthy, though the crew won’t find
out whether she’ll survive Jump until
it’s actually attempted.

Victor set a passcode on the ship’s
doors, locking everyone else out, after
Kelvin endangered ship security by
walking in with one of the local women
to continue their evening’s
festivities, even though Kelvin most
likely patted her down very thoroughly
before bringing her on ship.

Jiro received communication from Mr.
Volsate, stating that the Jiro was
being made captain of the ship, giving
their itinerary and insisting that they
depart planet and get started on their
route within 24 hours.

Sentry (starting point)
Kerin’s Tyr
Sentry again, at which point there’s
the possibility of a refit and
maintenance upgrade

Jiro was amusing himself at the
entryway, Kelvin was ignoring him and
wairing patiently until Keziah showed
up. Jiro opened the hatch to let them
in, and Kelvin just brushed right past
him. Keziah started handing out long-
range communicators to the crew,
purchased with his own funds, while Ken
was busy making the ship sparkle from
top to bottom.

The 5 tons of mail cargo showed up and
Jiro asked Kelvin to supervise the
loading, which he graciously decided to

It was decided to turn quarters #2 into
a makeshift medbay and have the crew
double-bunk in order to fit in more
passengers. Passengers were booked – 4
low (cryo), 2 Medium, and 4 high (never
again). Also loaded were 9 tons of
silver and Jinix’s personal ship.
Everyone chipped in for the silver and
it was decided to split the profits
from the sale based on the percentage
contributed by each crew member.

Ken and Keziah supervised the low berth
passengers being put into cryo, and
even though Keziah was happy about some
of the readings he was getting from a
couple of the cryo tubes, they were
still within the safe zones of
operation. Rooms were assigned for the
medium and high berth passengers.

Keziah performed medical exams on the
crew, though Jinix presented a
reluctance to have hers. Jiro asked
Keziah to share information with him on
Kelvin’s exam only – perfect health
with a couple of old bullet wounds
(Apparently he’s good with women, but
bad with men). Jiro himself had a
nearly-fully healed scar on his right
ear. Upon being asked, he simply
replied that someone had tried taking
his head off and he had stopped the
attack almost completely.

Upon takeoff, it was discovered that
with everything going on, Jiro had
completely forgotten to file the
appropriate paperwork for departure
from the planetary system. Victor and
his A.I. Aisha stepped in to save the
day and the ship was off for its first
Jump with its new crew.

Everyone crossed fingers or other
appropriate body parts and Jinix hit
the button with style, throwing us into
Jump for the next week. Now if only
the crew can keep from killing the
passengers and each other.

Jiro & Jinix settled down in the common
area for a friendly game of poker,
apparently even-matched, and
conversation while Ken continued with
the cleaning. Two of the high
passengers (rooms 6&7) came to the
common room looking to complain to the
captain about the cleanliness of their
rooms. In their case, apparently “high”
indicated the elevation of their noses,
not the manner of their accommodations.
Ken was insulted by their unwarranted
criticism of his cleaning skills and
nearly hit them with the mop on their
way past. Jinix and Jiro managed to
intercede and Jiro promised to take
care of the couple personally for the
rest of the trip.

The plight of the two medium
passengers, nobles in hiding Bavis and
D’Shar Fawkes, became known to the
crew. Their families had put them
together at first and now wanted to
split them since there was currently a
serious conflict between the two
families, so they were fleeing in order
to stay together. The crew decided
while they couldn’t actively hide them
or help with the couple’s
disappearance, services could be
provided that would be available for
most any passenger— a change of
clothes, new shoes, new hairstyles and
makeup and discussions of the
mannerisms of other cultures & classes.
By the end of the week, it looked as if
they were making serious headway into
becoming other people.

Meanwhile, Kelvin had run into the B*
from rooms 6&7. After finding his way
through the torrent of flirting &
innuendo, Kelvin went with her to her
room to help with some “electrical
problems” they were having. The
electrical problems seemed pretty
severe, as he seemed to spend the
majority of his time for the rest of
the trip assisting her with them.
Jinix, knowing Jiro had particular
interest in Kelvin, informed him of
Kelvin’s diligence in providing such
attentive service above and beyond the
call of duty to said passenger.

Jiro and Victor (gun in hand) spoke
with Kelvin in front of the passengers,
albeit the ones locked in cryo,
regarding the high praise he would be
likely to receive from the B* for his
stellar performance of his duties, but
also expressed some concern about what
her husband would think of his
performance, should it be made known to
him, and how that could make things
more difficult for the ship & crew in
the future. Kelvin was asked to attend
more to his regular duties so there
would hopefully be less chance of the
husband finding out and less
of a fallout from the situation. Jiro
revealed exactly what the connection
was between the Kelvin and himself,
much to the surprise of both Victor and
Kelvin, the unexpected groom-to-be.

Meanwhile, Jinix took turned more than
a few heads with the skimpy yet
fashionable outfit she chose to wear
that day. As the crew was assembling
for exit from Jump, some of the
passengers complained about her lack of
a uniform. Upon further inspection,
neither the captain nor the rest of the
crew had an issue with her attire or
lack thereof, but impressed upon her
the need for a vac suit nearby just in

Which was just the case, because as
they exited Jump, they received a
distress signal from the Malfeasant, a
scout courier that was attempting an
exit from the clutches of a nearby gas
giant, but was doomed to plummet back
down. A garbled video message revealed
the crew was in vac suits but were all
unconscious or soon to be so.

The crew deliberated for a moment and
decided to rescue the people onboard
over attempting to save the ship.
Jinix and Kelvin (in the engine room)
were staying onboard the Grendelsbane,
Ken was going to see if he could do
anything for the Malfeasant in their
engine room, and Keziah, Victor and
Jiro were going to try to rescue the
crew, with Victor also trying to
download what data from the ship’s
computers that he could.

Jinix docked the ships and tried to
keep them as steady as she could, but
the gas giant was having none of that.

The boarding party quickly went in
pursuit of their tasks, and Ken seemed
to have the biggest problem with his—
there were no more engines in the
engine room to try to coax power out
of, just a magnificent view of the gas
giant. He headed towards the bridge,
searching along the way for more crew
or items of interest/importance.

The other arrived on the bridge and
thanks to Keziah’s ministrations, the
lone Ursa onboard regained
consciousness briefly- just long enough
to slip a data chip to Keziah, who
pocketed it then continued trying to
revive the rest of the crew.

The docking clamps were becoming very
vocal in their protest of having to
keep a second ship steady, and Jinix
suggested that getting back to the
Grendelsbane soon was better than
seeing the innermost core of the gas
giant in person.

Keziah and Jiro each grabbed a human,
and Victor grabbed the data, the last
human and stuck a grav belt on the Ursa
and bounced him down the hallways to
the airlock.

Within everyone (that we knew of) back
on the ship, Jinix coaxed the
Grendlesbane back out of the atmosphere
of the gas giant and we headed for our
rendezvous with the Lakshmi Goddess, a
ship also responding to the distress
call, to transfer the unconscious crew
to them, as they have a better medical
facility than the Grendelsbane and can
bring them to the main planet’s
hospital more quickly than we could.

Our fun time in Sentry
After the rescue of the crew from the Malfeasant, our crew received many praises it over the comms from other ships. It takes is 5 hours to get into orbit of Sentry. As we approach the planet, we were able to see 3 moons. The biggest moon: Yrech, the middle moon: Ruria, and the smallest moon: Luramii. Sentry is a world that is 80% liquid, and a lot down there is extreme. Even if we wanted to, we would not be able to carry our weapons down. As we are arriving into Sentry, a ship comes at a jump directly behind us and heads towards the biggest moon. On our sensors we had six more targets heading towards our ship. They did a flyby of our ship, but were not on an intercept course.That was the last we saw those ships. As we came to the dock, Serenity clears us to dock on the low dock with no paperwork problems(this time). On our descent, we had a few pockets of turbulence, which shook up some of the crew a little bit, but we landed safely. As we were on the final approach, we got a warning about the toxic atmosphere and the high law level of the planet. During the descent, Ken and I go down to the low berths to wake them up for disembarking. The passengers had no problems during flight and do we help them off the ship. Jerin and Kelvin go down to the cargo bay to monitor the unloading of the mail. There was a problem tho, there was no mail for the Grendlesbane to receive, however there was a private data-pad for Jerin. After 20 minutes, they found the missing mail. As they were loading of the new mail, a black sedan came up to the ship asking for Kelvin. It was an invitation from one of the passengers on the ship. He tells the driver he will accept as soon as they finish loading the new mail. We get the OK from the captain to go into a planet and that he is inviting Kalvin to a dinner with one of the admires. Jenix happened to be coming down a ladder just as I was walking underneath. Seeing as she was wearing a short skirt, there was nothing left to the imagination, and I walked right into a bulkhead. Seeing as Jenix helped a couple on the ship by giving them a set of her clothing, she only had this skimpy outfit. She needed to go shopping for new clothing and asks if Ken and I would like to go with her. The crew never discussed their monthly salaries. After some discussion they decided to split it equally at $4000 per crewmember a month bi-weekly. Now the crew is able to leave the ship force on shore leave to unwind from a weeks jump and a rescue. As were walking in the star port going to customs, there was a missing persons hologram that looked like Jenix. Then there was a broadcast over the speakers about this missing person and her image flashed on all the monitors. A very shaken Jenix really wants to go back to the ship and decides to let the crew in on a secret she has been hiding. She tells the true her real name: Lilly Cole Naxos Bathory. Ken knows her father’s name, Admiral Zane Conner. Jerin and Kalvin know her noble name. Jenix have been dodging her father by going as her noble name. She was a child that was offered up to be a noble says her mother did not marry a noble, but an Admiral. Once Jenix was old enough, her great grandma took her under her wing to become a noble. Victor finds out that Sebation (I.E. evil stepgrand) put out a missing persons report for Jenix and is offering $250,000 reward for information leading to the location of her. Jenix takes off her glasses and showed the crew her violet eyes. As she continues to talk, her noble mannerisms come out and Ken and Victor got noticeably agitated. Jenix decides to stay on the ship to try to avoid being spotted. Victor went out around the spaceport to shop for upgrades for Aisha(his computer companion.) Kalvin offers to shop for her, guessing her dementions to a tee. She then retreats to her state room. As the crew heads out for the town, I ordered some food to the ship. Ken goes out for some food and returns to talk to Jenix. My food finally arrived and I went down to the common table and set up the food. Then I went and set up a trail of notes to led her down to the table. See as Ken and I were the only people on the ship, Jenix came up to my room and invited me to eat with her. Ken was at the table when Jenix and I arrived, he noticed I was hoping of the meal was going to be only Jenix and I, so he went out of the ship and went to a local navy bar. During the meal, they had nice conversation and spend some time to get to know each other better…(and not in that way…) Ken arrived back at the ship being dragged by some navy men. Victor went out, slapped a grav belt on Ken and hovered him back to the engineering cots. Victor stumbled upon the mass that Jenix and I left on the common table and cleans it up, taking the four beers that were left on the table. He also cleaned up the note’s leading Jenix to the common table. After the dinner Jerin in Kalvin had, Kalvin decides to keep his appointment at 9 and plays patty cake with his friend he found on the ship. Jerin has back to his hotel and get some sleep, he has a busy day ahead of him try to find a buyer for cargo. In the morning, Ken have a massive hangover. Jenix isn’t doing good with the 3/4 bottle of wine she down the night before. I decided to order breakfast for the four crew mates that were left in the ship. When Ken sat down at the table, I decided to put an IV in his arm to help with his hangover. Jerin was able to sell our cargo, for a very nice profit. We’re really need to upgrade part of the ship… Ken went back to the bar to find any information about contacting Admiral Zane Conner, and takes a drink for the road. He takes on the special drink, a 32oz mix drink, set on fire. Not only did he power down the drink, he flips the drink and drinks a right out of the air. Celebrations erupt throughout the bar as he takes his leave back to the Grendlesbane. Jerin calls a group meeting to discuss with the crew what they want to do about cargo. Seems like the next two cargo he wants to pick up it’s going to cost a pretty penny for each member of the crew. The crew decides to get that piece of cargo and were able to gather the money for it. Jerin came up to me with a crit ship with 56,000 credits and tells me to get supplies for the ship. That evening a film crew from network 3 showed up at the door of the ship. Vector answered the message and they wanted to do an interview with the ship’s crew about the rescue done at the Malfeasant. Victor contacted Jerin, Kalvin, and I just see if we wanted to do the interview for the crew. The time was set up for 11:00 AM the next morning. We have a liftoff time at 8:00 AM so Victor ran out of the ship and after a short conversation mirror and rescheduled with the film crew to do an interview at 6:00 AM I went off into the star port to get some suits dry cleaned. Jenix starts to go stir crazy and start cleaning the ship a can takes offense that she starts to and challenges Jenix to a clean-off. When Jenix reaches the bridge, Victor is sitting at that meeting potato chips. Jenix takes a towel and puts it under him to avoid an even bigger mess from occuring. After a bit of time, I was alerted that my suits were finished, so I went to pick them up and the dry cleaners found the chip that had been tossed to me during the rescue of the Malfeasant crew. They found it before they cleaned the suits and it was not damaged, so I rushed back to the ship to give it to Victor, who is compiling the data recovered from the Malfeasant. As I came running up to the ship I noticed Jenix tried to leave the ship, so I grabbed her hand and lead her back into the ship. She tried to put up a fight but I talked her into waiting until I got the chip to Victor and able to change into fresh clothes. Jenix and I decide to go walking around the star port. She wanted to go get some ice cream, so we went to a parlor and got an ice cream called a Flaming Moe. Jenix started digging into it, each bite being a as a mini orgasm in her mouth. They leave the ice cream shop and go walking around the busiest Starport, sitting down on a bench and relaxing, trying to unwind, getting ready for the next week in jump. We started talking about our personal interactions, Jenix is confused as to why I have not made any advancements on her. “Remember a couple nights ago? I rubbed you down with oil in my underware! Is that not a good enough sign?”
Destination: Kerin's Tyr
PC Information

System Name Kerin’s Tyr
System Location Ley Sector / Subsector E
Travel Zone Green (No Special Restrictions)
Stellar Type F8 D
Gas Giants 0
Asteroid Belts 2
Allegiance Imperial (Im)
Bases None.
System Detail
Traveller Atlas

Main World Data
Attribute UPP Description GURPS
Starport B B: Good Facilities. Spacecraft Shipyards. Refined Fuel. Class IV
Diameter 5 Medium (8000km)
Atmosphere 7 Standard (Tainted)
Hydrographics 5 Normal (50%)
Population 7 30 Million
Government 7 Balkanization
Law Level 8 High law (blade weapons controlled, no open display) GCR 5
Tech Level 6 Early Information Age (Nuclear Power,Circa 1950) GTL 6

Core Type Rocky
Density 0.92 Earths
Mass 0.3 Earths
Gravity 0.62 G
Rotation Period 22 hours
Orbital Period 463 days
Axial Tilt 29 degrees
Orbital Eccentricity 0
Satellites 3
Surface Pressure 1.258 atm


Kerin’s Tyr is the mainworld of a system containing two planetoid belts and several rocky planets, but no gas giants. One consequence of this is that visiting ships have to come to the mainworld for fuel, or else waste time looking for ice asteroids.

The Starport
Kerin’s Try is served by a large orbital facility (Warne Highport), to which all traffic is directed. The port is a private venture, owned and operated by Venture Ports, LIC. Most Jump-2 traffic that comes through the cluster arrives or departs via Kerin’s Tyr. This means that so long as the Colonial Office subsidizing the port, it remains just about profitable.
However, Warne Highport has seen better days. Originally constructed as a high quality Class B port, it is now rather seedy and run-down. A large Startown of some 60,000 inhabitants forms part of the facility; laws are liberal (level 2) and rather patchily applied. What order there is, is kept by Portside Security, a private security force that seems to believe that court cases are a needless waste of everyone’s time. Minor infractions usually result in a “spot fine” payable in cash or personal possessions, or in on-the-spot just administered with shock batons. Crime rates are fairly low.
The Port and associated startown are run as a commercial concern, and have the air of a lively, if rather seedy market. The port is considered neutral ground, so merchants from the various nations of Kerin’s Tyr often come to the Highport to conduct their business. Goods are usually shipped direct on-planet.
Traffic through the port is a mixture of tramp traders and regular services plying the cluster. Jump-2 vessels crossing the rift from the Reaching Arm, and Tukera Lines vessels heading to Sentry for refit (or out again).
A platoon of Imperial Marines is stationed at the Highport, protecting the Imperial trade mission and the residence of Baron Marie Iskuulii, the Imperial noble assigned to the world. The Baroness makes regular visits to the nations of Kerin’s Tyr, and meets with the ambassadors on a regular basis. She has no desire to live on the planet, however.
For port security and traffic control, Warne Highport operates a force of 10-ton light lighters to back up its inspection cutters The latter are unarmed, and crewed by professional if unenthusiastic personnel drawn from the Portside Security force.
6 200-ton System Defense Boats are also deployed to provide immediate defense of the port. Their mercenary crews are long-service professionals. They are reliable and skilled, and have so far have rebuffed all efforts by various on-planet groups to bribe them.
The Main World
Kerin’s Tyr itself is a mid-sized world, with a standard oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere. However, the atmosphere carries a (relatively mild as these things go) taint; some of Kerin’s Try plant life produces pollen that causes a violent allergic reaction in about 25% of humans. This reaction is rarely fatal, but causes breathing difficulties that more or less incapacitate the victim for periods of a day or two at a time, occurring at fairly random, but frequent intervals. Filter masks are required to keep out the pollen. It is possible to gain a temporary immunity through drugs (though the drugs cause a mild version of the reaction which can be physically limiting and extremely unpleasant). Immunity can be developed over time; this normally takes several months and is lost after a couple of years without exposure to Kerin’s Tyr pollen.
Kerin’s Tyr has about 50% surface water coverage. This is mainly in the form of wide seas between the large continental land masses. Seas are fairly shallow at most points, but there exist several monumental deep-ocean trenches which have never been fully explored.
Kerin’s Tyr’s land masses are mainly distributed in three main continents, plus the Great Arctic Wilderness, a land mass that covers the North Pole region and extends far south. The Wilderness is large enough that not all of it lies under ice; there are regions of taiga and tundra, though few inhabited areas.
Kerin’s Tyr is home to some 30 million inhabitants, of whom about 50 thousand are Vargr. The world is heavily Balkanized; i.e. fragmented into many small states. These range from isolated city-states to large nations. Law and Technology levels are thus an approximation.
There are four main nations on kerin’s Tyr: The Kingdom of Harven, The Confederation of City-States, The Grand Theocratic Republic and the Liberty Alliance.
The Kingdom of Harven (Hereditary Oligarchy, Law Level 5, Tech Level 6) is the largest state by a good margin, dominating the smallest of the three msin continents. The Kingdom is reasonably well-ordered and organized, and welcomes outsiders. It maintains a large spaceport at the capital (Tersberg), which sees considerable traffic coming down from orbit.
As befits the major nation of a world designated “agricultural”, the Kingdom exports a great deal of foodstuffs and naturla products; mainly grain, vegetables, fish from the coastal fishing town, and hardwood from the abundant forests that cover large areas of the continent.
The Confederation of City-States (Balkanized, Law Level 2, Tech Level 5) is a loose conglomeration of independent cities scattered across the Eastern side of the largest continent. A steam powered railroad system links the cities, most of which operates a small spaceport (equivalent to Type D). The Confederation has no central government or capital, but each city state sends representatives to squabble and bicker aboard a “parliament train” that travels between the cities. Little is ever settled aboard the train, and politics in the Confederation is a constantly-shifting web of alliances, embargoes, sanctions and even outright conflict.
The Confederation attempts to maintain a joint armed force for mutual defense and a small (maritime or “wet”) navy to deter territorial aggression from the Kingdom of Harven. However, given the nature of Confederation politics, these forces are little more than political footballs. Operations rarely even get started, let alone completed. However, popular militias of citizens well armed with TL 5 small arms do exist (indeed, they rule some of the cities), and these are capable of putting up a stiff fight at need.
The Western side of the large continent is mainly wilderness, populated by scattered settlements of hardy frontiersmen (who rarely have access to more than TL 4) and nomadic groups (TL 2-3). They have no overall political affiliation.
The third continent is shared by the Grand Theocratic Republic and the Liberty Alliance. The Republic is actually quite democratic (Representative Democracy, Law Level 5, Tech Level 6), though only initiates of the ruling Church of Stellar Divinity are allowed to stand for election (this is pretty much everyone, however). The Republic is rather stiff-necked and unwelcoming to outsiders. The only spaceport is at a special “star city”, away from the mass of the population. It is no coincidence, given the locals’ beliefs, that Star City is also a holy place. Offworlders are not venerated as holy, but they are considered special and treated well. However, most ships crew are not permitted to leave the Offworld Enclave (which is not holy) Only those of sufficient “purity”- i.e. those who the theocrats don’t think will cause trouble- are allowed into Star City proper where the pilgrims will come into contact with them.
The Liberty Alliance (Tribal Government, Law Level 2, Tech Level 3) is a collection of of nomadic groups, small settlements and two city-states housing most of the worlds vargr population. These groups have absolutely nothing in common except a desire to to ensure that the Grand Theocratic Republic does not expand into their territory. Armed clashes have occurred, and for a long time guerrilla warfare was common as the Republic attempted to expand its territory. An uneasy truce now exists.
Even on the inhabited continents, there is still a lot of wilderness remaining unexplored. The Arctic region is almost wholly untouched, except for a couple of Kingdom outposts.

The Rest of the System
The Kerin’s Tyr system includes several rocky planets and two planetary belts. The inner belt (in the next orbit out from Kerin’s Tyr) is little more than gravel for the most pary, but the outer belt is composed of a broad mix asteroid types, and is occasionally picked over by private Belter ships seeking a new claim. There have been a few minor finds but no big strikes.
Since the nations of Kerin’s Tyr cannot maintain a space force of any kind, and the port mercs are assigned to local patrol only, the outsystem is almost completely lawless. Imperial Navy vessels do sweep the area from time to time, but since the beginning of the Solomani Rim War, this has become a rare occurrence.

A Light Shower on Miip

Game July 28th, 2012


  • Jinix – pilot – Maq
  • Victor – Sensors – Lane (and Aisha as AI)
  • Kelvin – Jack of all Trades – Ethan
  • Ken – Engineer – Richard
  • Keziah – Doctor – Kyle
  • Jiro – Captain/comms – Bob
  • Marcus – Gunner – Jerry


The group gives an interview to a reporter as real life heroes for the rescue they performed. Jinix abstains from attending.

That night, Keziah and Jinix go out for ice cream and then clubbing. While Jinix was a dancing machine, Keziah wasn’t quite as into it and wanted to return to the ship by midnight, under the guise of ‘one more dance’ Jinix gives him the slip and manages to avoid him until 2 am or so when she finally comes back to him. Ticked off, Keziah drags her back to the ship and doesn’t speak with her for two days, on the third day Jinix approaches him and apologizes for ditching him.


Leaving Sentry the crew has a quick single jump hop to Miip for a mail delivery and refueling stop. Upon arriving the crew is slightly surprised to find the quality of the landing area – a hole in the ground.

Looking outside the crew sees a small crowd of locals approaching armed with a mis-mash of weapons, the locals look wary but not especially angry. Two men step out in front of the locals to greet the newcomers, a distinguished older man carrying a navy issue cutlass on his belt and another man in his late thirties with a rifle slung over his back.

As the crew comes out one by one, they are greeted by the younger man – Marcus – and welcomed into the village. Once the locals are satisfied the crew isn’t there to cause trouble they are more warmly welcomed and invited to stay in the town. Walking from the port to the town two things quickly become apparent – the weather on this planet is trouble, and the ‘town’ isn’t much more than a village with the only real building other than individual homes is a central gathering hall.

Due to the lack of any other accommodations the group is split up into the homes of several welcoming families. The houses are primitive, but a welcome change from the weather outside as it starts to pour rain. Plus the booze is exceptionally good.

They wake the next morning to clear weather and while captain Jiro deals with business and unloads the mail the remainder of the crew finds their own entertainment. Jinix and Keziah head down to the shore for a leisurely day of frolicking in the ocean while Ken takes up an exercise routine jogging around the area and enjoying the scenery. Victor and Ethan recruit Marcus to lead them to a nearby Ursa village in hopes of finding a translation of the data chip they have.

The day passes uneventfully until evening nears. As Victor, Ethan and Marcus arrive at the Ursa village they mean a father and daughter on their way to hunt and notice the weather is starting to turn, thinking nothing of it they continue into the village and start exploring, the locals aren’t hostile, but are a bit standoffish as they ask around. The weather continues to turn and it quickly becomes apparent this is going to be a big one and the party seeks shelter in the village gathering hall.

Meanwhile Jinix and Keziah have a discussion about how if Keziah’s secret comes out he won’t be able to ask her for help as either a noble or as an admirals daughter so it’s best to keep things ‘light’ because of the unknown future.

They are wrapping up their day of oceanic frolicking (despite the lack of available birth control putting a damper on some of the frolicking) when they notice the storm rapidly coming in and start heading quickly back to the village.

Underestimating the speed and ferocity of the weather they quickly find themselves exposed in hurricane weather. Following the path to the village they get an unexpected surprise when the ground gives way beneath them, causing an exciting slide down a mud soaked hill, ending abruptly in a small sinkhole made pond. They land a little bruised, but safely with nothing really hurt but their dignity as Jinix finds herself landing face first on Keziah’s crotch. Untangling themselves Jinix and Keziah, search desperately for a way out of the pond as water and mud continue to pour in, thwarting their attempts to climb out. Eventually Jinix, with an amazing display of dexterity, manages to scramble up the side to solid ground. Unable to find anything to use to pull Keziah out Jinix resorts to removing her shirt to use as a makeshift rope, but Keziah – no doubt encouraged by the now shirtless Jinix – finds the energy to scramble up to her on his own. Drenched, covered in mud, and starting to freeze they decide to stop heading to the village and instead huddle under cover as best they can.

Meanwhile Ken and Jiro sit warmly and comfortably in the main hall, sipping their drink and discussing the day while listening to the relaxing sounds of the storm outside.

Back in the Ursa village, Victor, Ethan and Marcus watch in the meeting hall as more and more of the villagers come to the meeting hall as their houses are ripped from the foundations by the winds. Family after family comes in until eventually the hunter they encountered earlier arrives in a desperate state declaring his daughter is trapped in the river before collapsing in exhaustion.

Silence fills the hall as the occupants look from the collapsed father to the raging weather outside until Ethan speaks up announcing he’ll go after her, a sentiment quickly echoed by Marcus. The village leader says this is a village matter and that he’ll go, asking for volunteers Ethan and Marcus are the only ones who step forward. As they leave Victor follows after them without a word.

Heading into the blinding wind and rain they make their way to the river and split up to cover more ground. After a few minutes of searching Marcus and Ethan are dumped into the river by a mini-mudslide and manage to pull themselves to shore just as they hear Victor call out that he’s found her. Rushing to the sound of his voice they arrive to find Victor stringing a rope over a nearby tree as a makeshift pulley above the river, and the daughter unconscious, trapped under a large log in the river.

Victor, Ethan and Marcus manage to lift the log using the pulley enabling the village leader to pull her out and drag her away from the river to shelter. Exhausted and freezing, the five of them huddle together through the night and are woken the next morning by a search party from the village. They are taken back to the village where they are treated as heroes, the girl’s father and the village leader declare their lifetime friendship and loyalty. They easily get the chip translated at this point – though some of the technical aspects aren’t translated well by these relatively primitive villagers.

As it turns out, the chip contains information on a potential salvage ship

A few days later, with the business in on Miip done and the crew gathered together once more they begin to discuss what to do about the salvage. There is some concern as to whether their ship is up for it, but Ken assures them they should be able to handle it with minimal or no ship modifications – the discussion continues but is stopped abruptly when someone realizes Marcus is there.

Marcus requests passage and possibly crew membership for a while on the ship and is warmly received by Ethan in the form of a gauss rifle. Discussion ensues, and eventually they decide to let Marcus travel with them until such time as they can get him officially signed on, Keziah however gives his vote contingent on him being allowed to stick his hand up Marcus’s a** – an idea met with quite a bit of resistance by Marcus.

The discussion about salvage resumes and eventually they decide to finish their currently contracted run then head out to try to salvage, doing any necessary upgrades on Sentry

The Interstellar Jersey Shore
Back to Jersey. Back to Crazy.

I want to say sorry to everyone for being soooooo very late with my notes last month has been hell and I was asleep for some of the game, sorry if I miss stuff.

While on the planet the PCs did the following:
• Jinix – Left to get her hair done and found the interstellar jersey shore beauty salon, went native and bonded with the girls
• Jiro / Victor – learned the in and outs of red tape and planet bureaucracy in triplicate
• Kelvin – left to have fun within the starbase
• Ken – stead on ship to handle the repairs and bureaucracy of what is required when the government says the ships pipes are bad.
• Keziah – left to find medical supplies and personal ones of which the medical drugs are stolen
• Marcus – found a good bar with a good gambling game that netted him and extra $8,000

In time Keziah finds Jinix to tell her of the robbery at which time Blanche, Bambi, Bonnie & Betty (the girls from the beauty salon) give him the 411 on who it maybe and how they could help. At the same time Keziah notics that Jinix has taken on the girls vernacular and mannerisms. He leaves when they start to question him and his’ relationship with Jinix. He hears Jinix oversharing as he escapes the salon. Jiro / Victor find out the the mail is in 5 different areas which can be completed within 4 stops and they have to wait until the morning before they can start. Jiro then plans for a dinner with the crew to go over the mission and make sure everyone id okay… Jinix invites the girls to tag along for the party. When dinner happens Betty and Bambi make a beeline in for Kelvin, Blanche & Bonnie sit between Victor and Jiro. They order a meal and right after the food is brought the waiter shoots Bambi. The girls head under the table as do most of the restaurants patrons except for the one with 2 bodygaurds pulling out their guns, while Keziah rushes to save Bambi and the rest of the table draws their guns. Victor get the first shot off and the shooter loses his’ arm…did I meantion he has armor periceing rounds. Before Marcus can then get off his’ shot the 2 bodygaurds kill the shooter. Jinix then goes under the table to speet to the girls and notice the holdout guns they all have drawn that they then put back into place once she indorms them everything is safe. While Keziah stabiles Bambi thus saving her life the planet security shows up. The crew provides the same story as the other restaurants patrons except omitting a few details of who shot the shooter. After all no one really saw anything clearly right. Before the girls leave Bonnie gives Jinix a card that had 6127 witten on it with the letters ACF between the numbers in a much smaller print. When she ask about it she is informed you are a smart girl you will figure it out. After the strenuous day the crew each goes back to their resting areas to sleep, with one exception. Keziah and Jinix finally with protection in had plan on taking the relationship to the next level. While the a first time for Jinix, Keziah is sure that it will be memorable. Cut seen to the end of the 2005 movie of “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” when the couple finally consummates the relationship…first time quick and not that great for Jinix but the next time…..OMG!!!

Split Adventure
Jiro, Marcis, and I arive at Star City. In the court yard heading to the Library, Jerin and I notice a group of six, three men and three women, dressed in white robes singing and dancing moving in a circle. A group started to form around the group start dancing with the six,singing a long. My vision starts to blur as we move deeper into the crowd. The best feeling starts to rush over me as we get got more ingulfed. My vision clears up and I see people dancing and moving around being REALLY happy. Apparently Jerin and I were brought into this circle, becoming part of it. Noticing what’s going on, the thought of my secret came up, and I have a bad feeling people know. Jerin looking right at me and coming for me… Does he know? He’s coming right for me. I throw down the hands I has holding on to and try despretly to get away, shoving and stumbling out of the crowd. Jiro gets swepped up in it again, but thought his secret got out to the crowd. Marcis is up in his room looking down at the group. He wanted to come join us, but didn’t feel right. Going back up to his room, Marcis decided to keep watch over Jerin and I. Trying despretly to get away, I pull off a white rob and the person falls down with it and they look like my crush from college. Getting up from the ruckus, I was able to put on the rob and blend back into the group. The plesent feeling comes back over me, vision blurd and joined back into the group. Jerin, after following the path I left, gets swepped back up in the music and dancing. Marcis doesn’t get anything back from Jerin, decides to get something to eat and relaxes. After a couple hours, Jerin and I have not gone back to the room, we are still dancing and singing down in the street. The filter masks we were wearing were off.

It is now 2:30am. My eyes clear up and I notice two beautiful women dancing with me. Jiro also had a beautiful woman with him, dancing and singing along with him. Jiro looks like he has a forced smile on his face, looking around like he’s looking out for someone. I got a poke on the side, and a hand reaches up to invite him to dance. Something was different, she was wearing sunglasses. It looked like it was Jenix in a rob.

Jiro wakes up in his room, wearing a white rob. Feeling relaxed, almost like being in a day spa. He still had the feeling like he told someone his secret. On the floor next to the bed he sees a rob and a pair of feet coming from it. It was a man, and he thought he was in his room, tho he was in Jiro’s room.
I woke up in my room, with three other people. Two women and one man. As I wake up in the morning, I found a wedding ring on my finger. I went to the bathroom to take the ring off his finger. The other women dont have rings on their fingers, which is a good thing, but I could have sworn Jenix was here last night.

New moon celebreation.

Marcis, Jiro and I meet down for breakfast. Jiro and I are a bit nervous, but Marcis doesnt pry into the details of last night. Jiro gets up and says he forgot something up in his room. Jiro doesn’t feel comfertable and leaves the area. It comes to my attention that my mask was missing, and so was Jiros. I go to get myself checked out, and over the comm Marcis says, “Jiro, I need to talk to you abuot a crew memebrs secret. Its about to come out if we do not do something about it soon.” I wanted to get the captian checked out, but after hearing that, I keep quiet.

A news artical uses Jenix real name, saying she is going to do a concert in two days. Its a fan that uses her name and look in tribute to Jenix. After getting medically checked out, I decided to go up to Marcis room to figure out what was going on. A woman came to his room looking for me saying that I promised to stay and do the accolite training and got “Wed” spiritually. Jiro and I come up and face each other and after an awkward interchange we walk to Marcis room. When we open the door, the woman spots me and walks toward me. After a conversation Melin runs out of the room crushed after I didn’t know who she was. The artical says that the singer is going to be in Katter, and we know that Jenix and Victor are in Katter. Jiro went down to the main to get information about the memory loss and the local laws about the spiritual wedding. As they talk, Melin walks through with 12 members from the Ministry of Justice (men in black robs). He radios us and warns me about them coming up. As they pass, the head preist meets up with Jiro to drop off the mail. After hearing the conversation Marcis had with the men in the black robs, I decided to stop and have them hear my case out. As Jiro finishes with the High Priest, he recounts what happened durring the New Moon Festival. The High Priest has heard about this happening to visiting people. As I was recounting the dealings of last night, there was a knock on the door and The High Priest discusses with the Black Robs. They talk a lot with their hands. They invite Melina to the conversation, and after some time, Melina and the Black Robes leave. I was able to get off the hook and returned the ring to the High Priest. With the situation taken care of, and the documents received, we check out of the hotel and we find out that the rooms and food have been covered for us. We go and get tickets for the shuttle back to the space station. Durring the wait, Jiro and I talk about what happened last night. Once we get back up to the star port, it was late. Decided to stay up in the port for the night and start down first thing in the morning.

When morning comes, we get up at our times and get to the shuttle for Tersberg. We head over to pick up the records at the local civic center Hall of Records. Jiro gets handed a stack of papers to sign to clear the hand off of the records. 0232 hours, the records were handed off to Jiro of the Grindlesbane. To thank the office for the ease of the paperwork, Jiro wants to get the office some wine and cheese and have it delivered to the office. We get back in the cab with Joey, we get back to the star port and can get to a shuttle with minutes to spare, and get back up to the star port.

Victor and Jenix:
They are taking a train to Katter to catch up to the Parliment Train to receive the mail they are to get there. As Jenix and Victor walk through one of the cars, a young man wispers to Jenix, “I know who you are.” She doesn’t keep stride, keeping an eye to see if the young man follows her. At the injunctor between the two cars, she pulls out her gun and gets ready. Victor confrounts the man. “I know who you are” whispers the man, turns around and walks away. “Your secret” wispered again and vanishes into another car. After a quick “conversation” with Victor, Jenix goes in the direction the man went. She spots him in the lounge car sitting down with another man she doesn’t know either. As they enter, the earlier man leans in and whispers to the other man. Jenix walks over to the men at the table and asks to join them. Victor sits at the bar keeping an eye on her, with his pistol in lap. Erin Fah is the young man that knew Jenix. Erin gets up and goes back to coach cars. Jenix has a conversation with Erin’s accoiate. Erin has an ability to see through people and was able to see something in Jenix. After an interchange, this associate excusses himself and leaves the table.

The next morning, the train is going to arive in Katter in 4 hours. Victor and Jenix do their morning activities. In the dinning car, they notice Erin and his associate at a table, but there are no open seats for them to sit. They decide to wait for a table to open, rather then go sit with Erin. After 45 mins, they get a chime that their table is ready for breakfast. As they are eatting, people walk by them, whispering under their breath and gestering toward them. A family walks by them and their little child takes a picture of both of them. They decide to go find Erin and try to figure out what is going on. Turns out Jenix dopple ganger, a famous singer, is in town. Erin’s assoicate name is Douglass Sorgan. They work for M1 research, an Information Broker.

They decide they should change Jenix hair color, and so he grabs supplies and brings out the bleach. She refuses and they get the call that they are ariving at Katter. As they get off the train, the crowd spots Jenix and starts to make a clatter. They start to look around for a beauty solon. The person they ask seems more focused on Jenix then he does looking up the information for her. As time goes on, more and more people start to notice and gather around. Victor and Jenix decide to split up since it would be hard to finish the job with all the attention Jenix is generating. Right as Jenix gets a cab to take her to a hotel, a tween girl spotted her and started screaming and started a stamped toward the car. Jenix hops in and they take off a hotel. She tries to find the location of the pop singer. They find the hotel and shes staying at and goes with the deal to take pictures with the dirver and his daughter.

Victor uses Aisha to link to the space station to get her signature and forge identification for Jenix. They arive at the hotel, which is only a couple of blocks from the hotel the singer is actually staying in. Wearing Victors cloak, they walk in hoping to avoid detection. Checked in wtihout incident. They get settled in the room, Victor goes out to get the mail and Jenix stays in the room to keep out of sight of the people. When Victor arives to get the records from the Parlament Train, they don’t have the records there for him. Looking around, the guards are on high alert, like they are waiting for an attack. Four attempts later, a person comes out and escorts Victor through the train back to his desk. Sorting through all the files, he finds Kursis Mail LIC file and hands Victor a stack of papers to fill out before the records can be handed over. All the paper work seems to be in order, goes to a safe and hands over the records to Victor. When Victor steps off the train, there is a crowd of about 500 people around the train shouting and yelling in protest against the government.

Back at the hotel, Jenix invited the singer over to her hotel for a personal chat. Durring the chat, there was a story about how she killed her future husband and excaped into deep space and got away. This singer is not the only inpersnator. Without knowing, Jenix gave an example to the sector about standing up for themselves. Jenix wants to give the singer parts of the true story to her. Victor flys up to the room with his grav belt and knocks on the glass door. Jenix lets Victor in and goes back to Bacia to finish up their conversation.
Victor and Bacia become a couple (fuck buddies?). Now with the new information, Jenix wants to have Bacia start releasing the true story out through the music. Now with the records in hand Victor and Jenix get back on a train to go to Unity, back to the hovor car and on to the next pick up. On the news, durring the press conference, its noticed the blond hair and the change in the story that was being spun in a diplamatic way to not ask too many questions. As they get back to the train, there was an angry mob waiting for them because Victor had the records. When they get too routy, Jenix pulls off her hood and lies to the crowd about how they are getting upset over sheet music. That calms them down and they are able to get out with the records in hand. They arrive back at Unity after 1 1/2 days without incident.

Jiro, Marcus and I have made it back up to the Warne High Port, and now waiting for Victor and Jenix to get back up. I wonder what happened to those two…

There's a slight problem...

Everyone arrives back in their respective groups from planet-side. As Victor goes to his room to get cleaned up, Jinix updates Dr. Kelvin about the whole situation with her singing doppelganger, Bacia. Concerned that Bacia might accidentally leak information about her whereabouts, Jinix gives her a call. Bacia inquires about Victor, and reveals she has doppelgangers herself all about the planet to misdirect rabid fans and such. Victor gets brought into the call and is informed by Bacia that she intends to “peel you like a banana, my friend.”

At a crew meeting, it’s revealed that there’s a problem with the jump drive. According to the repair foreman, there’s only a 30-40% chance that the ship will successfully jump the next time the jump drive is used. Our options are to jump anyways and see how lucky we are, stay in this wonderfully low-tech dung-heap of a world for at least another month while a parts request is sent out and returns, or contact someone down on the planet that may or may not have a serviceable part that would last long enough to get us to our refit station. And as tempting as options 1 & 2 sound, we opt to go find the foreman’s father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate (or whatever the relation) Jorjack Miilaki, who is coincidentally somewhere around our next stop on the mail pickup, the Liberty Alliance.

Aside from Victor, everyone decides to head down together, for if the last couple of jaunts planet-side taught us anything, it was that this wonderfully low-tech dung-heap of a world (sorry, not remembering the name of the planet, and this sounds like a fairly accurate description) has teeth and it’s constantly trying to bite us on our asses. Jinix is spotted by a nosy little girl, who tries in vain to turn her in to her mom, who steadfastly ignores the little troublemaker. Jinix’s luck then almost runs out when customs finds some error in her paperwork and brings her off to a more secure location. Jiro tries to follow, but is stopped by a bureaucratic stonewall.

Jinix is told that her visa has not been properly stamped and that there will be a 5,000 credit processing fee. Not having the money on her at the moment, she asks for them to contact her captain, Jiro, as he would surely want the pilot to actually be able to depart with the ship. She also makes references to sleeping in e captain’s quarters on a regular basis, implying a special relationship. Officials Finn & Joir approach Jiro, explain the visa situation and the need to pay a 10,000 credit fee for streamlining all the paperwork. Rather than leave Jinix at the mercy of the bureaucracy for too long, Jiro pays the fee, commends the officials on their attention to detail and customer service, and gets their names for any future “incidents.” Jinix gives Jiro a peck on the cheek as they walk away, whilst behind them Finn & Joir can be seen high-fiving in regards to their new income.

Meanwhile, back on the ship, Victor has been tracked down by Bacia, who asks for and gets a guided tour of the ship whilst Aisha attempts to fleece Bacia’s bodyguards in poker, who are flabbergasted at having an AI player. Victor hears Aisha say, “How about we make this more interesting?” as he starts Bacia’s tour. Much playfulness and flirting could have been heard throughout the ship.

On the shuttle down, the little girl again can be found stalking her Noble prey from two rows up. As our intrepid adventurers depart, they find themselves bumped up to first class, supposedly by officials Finn & Joir. They find out that the next shuttle isn’t for another two days, and are tasked to either complete all their business in four hours (brief pause here for hysterical laughter) or taking two days to complete said business.

Kelvin finds himself splashed by his and Jinix’s share of something that is better referred to as mud, since she managed to duck behind him at that fatalistic moment. Not used to such a primitive lifestyle, Kelvin makes some disparaging remarks and opts to burn his soiled suit rather than get it cleaned. He’s avoided areas like this before and is now even more intent on avoiding them more. He and Jinix get into an argument about this and she takes off in a huff to the nearest bar, where she succeeds in attracting everyone’s attention, as she was dressed in a Catholic schoolgirl outfit and not in old-west appropriate clothing. Ken follows her, trying to stop her or at least keep her out of trouble (again, brief pause here for hysterical laughter), and Jiro and Kelvin soon follow.

Back on the ship, the tour is heating up with flirting back and forth. Victor catches her coming through a portal with a kiss, with the claimed concern that he thought she was going to fall. A brief contact with Aisha reveals that she is surprisingly losing, though not by much. She checks a transmission that Bacia has made to someplace off the ship.

A Can-can dancer, Jade, runs up to Jinix at the bar, shouts “Lily!” and gives her a hug. Jinix does her best to play the part and chats up her “old friend.” Jiro jokingly makes a request for “a shot from that bottle with the skull and crossbones on it,” and receives a few gasps and then a loud ringing of an old-west triangle by the bartender. Five minutes later, the bar has been packed with 75+ people and the bartender announces, “Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a challenger.” Jiro starts wondering if this is better than keeping a low profile in this city. The drink is served, the crowd starts counting down and Jiro slugs back a shot. It’s tasty and it burns on the way down, but Jiro seems to come out of the experience alive. There is much celebration as the bartender announces that it’s been 8 months since anyone man enough tangled with #7 and came out alive. Jiro gets many slaps on the back and is approached by Jorjak Miilaki, the Vargr the group is looking for. JM, Jiro and Kelvin go get a table to talk.
Back on the ship, Victor playfully stops Bacia from passing him in the tight corridor by kissing her (the fiend!). When they get back to the common area, the bodyguards and Aisha seem to be pretty evenly matched as the stacks of chips have not changed much. Bacia starts shedding clothes as she and Victor leave, with Victor telling, over his shoulder, to take her poker program to the next level.

Jade mentions interest in Kelvin to Jinix, who mentions he was just a casual plaything. Jade approaches him, but her gives her a verbal brush-off, the brushes off the shoulder she touched when he thinks she isn’t looking. Jade gets a little irate and go gets a nice thick bottle to bash him on the head with. Jinix yells her name and stops her, and offers to do something suitable to the doctor later.

Jorjak relates his troubles to Jiro and Kelvin. Apparently he’s a landowner and his tenants (farmers & homesteaders) are stuck in a jam. The Artath clan is a friendly tribe of human riders/nomads who trade with the tenants and share festivals. A second clan, the Carval, have moved into the land and are causing problems for the farmers & homesteaders. He has a shipment of TL8 Carbines (60 of them, with 6 magazines each and 6,000 bullets) that he needs delivered to the tenants (with 20 of the guns going to the Artath) and someone to teach them how to use said guns and how to improve their defenses. At some point in the conversation, old #7 starts showing some side effects, as Jiro blinks and starts seeing double and inadvertently focuses on the wrong Jorjak. He’s offering to pay us 1,000 to each of us as well as a 10,000 credit bonus. When we mention the need for the part that we were told he might have, Ken gives him the specs for the piece we need. Jorjak says he does have said part and he’d be happy to include it in the deal. Jiro somehow manages to shake hands with the correct Jorjak to seal the deal.

Jade and Jinix, for some strange reason, start comparing bust sizes, much to the delight of every male in the joint. Even stranger, and as much delight, they kiss and Jade makes Jinix’s toes curl. The resulting applause is deafening. Jade offers to outfit her with some more appropriate travel clothes, and they head back to her room. Ken is having issues as he feels responsible for Jinix, keeping an eye on her for her father, but the display with the other woman is causing him to blush and focus intently on his drinking. Kelvin decides to head back to the ship and send Victor in his place, as he’s more likely to be able to teach how to us the guns than he, plus he still has not taken a shine to the locale. Jiro’s vision clears and he rebuffs Kelvin’s attempt to get a blood sample, to find an antidote to what Jiro drank earlier, insisting that he’s fine… just as the next side effect manifests itself, and he sees this blonde angel that he must simply get to know better.

While Jiro and Angel chat and drink, Jinix comes back, dressed in appropriate travel clothes… and Jiro is totally clueless as to who she is. Entranced, he invites this second beauty to drink with them, and she accepts. Meanwhile, Kelvin is contacting the ship via radio to request Victor’s presence, but instead gets Victor and Bacia’s sexual gymnastics broadcast back over the radio for all to hear. Most of the adventurers either turn their radios down or off.

A bit later, Kelvin is playing cards rather badly, Ken is drinking heavily and occupying himself with his notes on the repairs instead of Jinix’s state of dress or her “playing” with Jade earlier. Victor and Bacia finish things up and Bacia departs. Jiro asks his two lovely ladies if they’re interesting in continuing the festivities somewhere more private, and the blonde agrees, but Jinix declines, whispering to him that she’s still a virgin.

Jinix chats with Victor about Ken and Jiro, and Victor prepares to come down to assist in Jinix’s ship, but the trip will take around 8 hours. Ken is drinking even heavier and Kelvin is being a bit snippy for some reason.

Jorjak approaches, asking if the group is ready to leave. Jinix informs him that they’ll be ready within an hour, then goes to get Jiro, who’s a bit occupied with Angel at the moment. He still doesn’t recognize her and asks if she’s changed her mind about joining them. Jinix declines and tells him to be ready to leave in 30 minutes. Not really paying attention, he says he’s all hers in 30 minutes.

Jinix tries to get Ken to stop drinking and tell her what’s causing him to act like this. She takes the bottle he’s drinking and he blurts out that he shouldn’t see her doing the sexual things she was doing earlier, because he’s supposed to be looking after her as she’s the admiral’s daughter, the admiral being given by name. This attracts unwanted attention from wannabe bounty hunters looking to cash in on her capture. She gives Ken back his bottle and calls Victor for help. A scruffy bar patron starts speaking sideways to his compatriots while eyeing Jinix. Sensing trouble, or just because he’s been frustrated and is now well on his way to being drunk, Ken yells at Scruffy, inquiring if there’s a problem. Scruffy and his compatriots get up, and Jinix goes for the gun in her boot. A bar fight ensues.

Ken and Jinix do most of the fighting for the group, with Kelvin pitching in and drugging someone that tried to get him involved in the bar fight. Upon hearing the start of the fight, Victor does what he can to squeeze all speed possible from Jinix’s craft – Ken, you might need to be patching this ship up as well. And Jiro is still otherwise “engaged” for the duration of the fight. Minor injuries on our side, our opponents are mostly down (Go Team!), and Jiro and Angel stop fornicating like rabbits to see what all the ruckus was about. Angel looks out the door, sees a man coming their way, and quickly shuts it again.

The local constabulary appears, fires off a shotgun and commands everyone to get down. It’s established that we’re all going with the cops, and then Kelvin antagonizes the cops by sitting down on a chair instead of lying down on the ground like he was told. Fun is sure to ensue.

Marc – Side note;
For the side-effects of the Old #7, there were 5 rolls, (81,90,96,37,16) of which the first two have been used already (81, double-vision; 96, feeling randy)

Sorry this took so long to post
We wake up in jail with everything taken off us. I am handcuffed to the call, apparently, separated from everyone else. Jenix is in he female cell, and Ken s in the drunk tank. The sheroff frees Ken, Jeiro and Jenix, but leaves me in my cell for now. Jenix is being called Lily here. He tells us to stay out of trouble. Ken taes the sheriff to the side and explains my actions to why I didn’t obay when told to get on the ground. He frees me and tells us to leave.

Victor lands and grabs his rifle and seeks out the party. He finds the bar and is directed to the sheriff’s office. As he walks up, and we are all coming out of the cells. As he comes up to us, his leg gets stuck in the mud due to the weight of his equipment. The locals around the town notice his armor and are grabbing their loved ones and weapons, wondering what he’s going to do. When we are walking to Victor, trying to avoid the nasty dirt road, and I step in a mud pile and lose my shoe. As I try to reach in and find my shoe, Jenix pushes me from behind and I prevent myself from falling in, I find my shoe. I am able to pull it out, tho Victor offered to help with a grenade. As Jenix walks away saying “Oh good you have it”. Victor shields Jenix from the mud I tried to throw on her. It hits Victors armor insted of Jenix, and Victor flings it back on me.

Another side effect hits Jiro and he starts to feel very paranoid. Jorjax approches us in the road and wanted to move out sooner, but we are going to leave in the morning and dawn. Feeling intimated by Victor, Jorjax asks him to remove his mask but Victor doesn’t comply. Jiro starts backing out and freaking out thinking Victor is trying to take over his authority. Jenix stops Jiro and trys to find out why he’s freaking out and he trys to slip away from the party. I tell Jenix to leave him alone he’s a big buy, and Jiro takes off running trying to get away from her. She takes chase after him. As they leave, I ask Victor where he left the speeder and that I need to get out of this area. Ken agrees with this decision and we go walking back to the speeder. Jiro is running away from Jenix they duck around buildings. As Jiro tries to jump over a fence, Jenix jumps on top of him and asks what’s wrong. He struggles for his sword, but is unable to draw his weapon. Ken hears the ruckus and runs over to see what the two are doing. Jenix sees the speeder flying away and starts yelling at everyone as she threatens to shoot me. Struggling with all his might, Jenix is able to stay on him, but Ken gets kicked by Jiro.

Victor takes me to the speeder and I inform him about how the missions needs him to stay around and teach the people how to shoot and that the caption needs to have him around to have more than one teacher about guns. He decides to stay around and I close up the speeder and take off back to the ship, using Jenix speeder. Heh, and she doesn’t know it yet, but if she likes her wild west, then her speeder can get a taste for it too.

Jiro finally gets a good buck on Jenix and is able to throw her off him. She tucks and rolls and lands back on her feet. Ken reaches in for Jiro’s sword. Victor coms to me to come back to the ground to help Jiro. I don’t want to go back down, but with a shot that hits the front of the speeder and destroyed the shielding, cracked the windows, and made the power plant unstable. I take the shuttle down and Victor starts tracking my landing spot.

Jiro is still trying to grab for his sword, but is unable to do so. Ken falls on his face, Jenix tries to grab Jiro, but he slips away and RUN THE HELL out of there. (who would blame him?) Victor flys over one of the buildings and lands in front of Jiro and stands in his path. Jenix gets up with flair (kipping? flipping?) and takes off running. Ken just gets up and follows along. Jiro tries to do a slide to get past Victor, but Victor is able to plant his foot on Jiro’s chest, stopping him in midslide. Ken surrenders his shirt to gag and hog tie Jiro.

Victor comes over to the ship, disables it from flying and then walks away. I am able to keep the windows of the speeder fogged, close the door, and relock the speeder. I look up some music choices finding classical and jazz to listen to.

Victor, Ken, and Jenix drag Jiro back to the saloon where the fight broke out. They get a room for the night and have to be out by the morning. As they are moving to the room, Jiro keeps headbutting Ken in the chest, trying to escape from his grip. Going up the stairs, Jiro gets up on the stairs, he gets ready to spring off the step and knock Ken off balance, but fails his attempt and slips on the edge. Ken throws Jiro over his shoulder to prevent him from trying to escape again. As being on his shoulder, he tries to knock Ken off balance again but can’t seem to get the leverage to get anywhere.

Jiro’s 4th symptom hits and starts to feel and see lumps under his skin that feel like bugs going up his body to get up to his brain. Over coms, Jenix plees with the crew to get someone to come to Jiro and try to save him, fearing that he is going to die if he doesn’t get medical attention. Getting out of the shuttle, its a bit chippy, so I start heading to the saloon. Jenix pays for a shot of #7 for me to analyze and see if I can find out what caused his symptoms. When I got there, I was handed a shot of #7, and I use my field kit to try and figure out what might be in this strange liquid. Getting in the room we find Ken getting off Jiro as he had just finished knocking him out with his fists. With the right body chemistry, this drink will bring on hyper psychotic trips. Victor is still no where to be found, but Ken and Jenix find places to sleep in the room as I take first watch.

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