6"0" 160lbs Jet Black Hair and Hazel eyes. Pull over shirt, denim jeans and sneakers.


Str 11
Dex 16
Con 12
Int 20
Edu 22
Wis 13
Cha 14
Soc 10
Psi 9

Fort +3
Ref +8
Will +3
Init +7
BAB +5

Rogue 7
Stamina 46
Lifeblood 12
Age 38
College Graduate:
Information Systems
BA – Network Security
Phd – Network Security/Complex Algorithms

AC 25 In armor 13 out

Hobby T/Sensor
Hobby T/Computer
Override Ship Security
Improved Inititive
Zero G / Low Grav Adaptation
Weapon Prof – Marksman
Weapon Prof – Swordsman
Armor Prof – Light
Armor Prof – Medium
Armor Prof – VacSuit


Victor Sterling was born and raised on a high tech world to an middle class corporate family. Life was best described as plain and very average. Victor found school to be very dull and unchallenging and slowly became withdrawn and having few friends. This was mostly due to his being unable to locate anyone he felt could carry an intelligent conversation for more than 2 seconds and he more than once witnessed the sheer stupidity of the youth around him. He found that he was very good with computers and focused on computer hacking since it was a challenge and slightly entertaining to imagine the “slughead” on the other end trying to stop him.

Victor is 6’ 0" tall and weighs 160 pounds with jet black hair and hazel eyes. He likes to dress casual with a simple pull over shirt, jeans and sneakers.

His social class would be classified as middle class with his attitude towards upper class being one of distain as he feels that a majority of them take the basics for granted.
His favorite word is Slughead which he uses for people who place themselves beyond what their intelligence can support.

His general attitude towards strangers is being distant as he does not trust most people. His few friends are considered close and he protects them with a passion.

Reasons for travelling – simple to see what is out there and hopefully find others who like the unknown.

To date Victor has been a stowaway on numerous ships over the last decade but so far has not left the sector.


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