Keshia Jones

5'10 , dark hair, skin and gray eyes, slim build


Age: 34
Species: Zhodani
Homeworld: Mora #3124

Str 12 (2)
Dex 13 (2)
End 15 (3)
Int 14 (2)
Edu 9 (1)
Soc 10 (1) / 6 (0)

PSI 4 / Awareness, Telepathic, Clairvoyance


This gentle lady has large bright eyes the color of burnished iron and a prominent smile. Her silky, curly, hair is worn in a practical style. She has a narrow build. Her skin is dark. Her wardrobe is uncomplicated and classy, with a mostly pastel and white color scheme.

- Term 1-3: Public /Keshia Jones Blog:
After over eight years being stuck in academics schools and social network, I finally get an assignment working in the same area as my big sister, and we spend some much needed family time playing catch-up. I know she is a cool bad ass bodyguard who almost never smiles, talks, drinks too much, swears like a merchant marine and seems to like nobody but she really is sweet. Just never say that in front of her, behind her or just anywhere near her as she would provide you a generously harsh and uncomfortable gaze.

- Term 4: Public /Keshia Jones Blog:
While working on a classified project with a well known scientist Dr. V takes me on an adviser or more of a mentor position with me and helps teach me much. That is all I am allowed to write and I am assuming every other thing is as classified as my location. On the upside I can write my big sis without them Redacted 99.9% of what I write or as she says I suck at keeping secrets is it any wonder why they read all my mail…she is so funny. She was kidding…right?!??!

- Term 5: Public /Keshia Jones Blog:
I get to work with my two favorite people – Egor Gorodetsky and Big Sis. I loved knowing that they finally get to meet and who knows maybe he can assist me in getting her to leave her current career so we can travel together. I am personally miss her and without any additional family someone needs to watch her back and that might as well be me even if I suck at fighting, keeping a secret, dealing with large groups, dealing with men, and a lot of other stuff. What is MOST important is I always support my Big Sis.

Keshia Jones

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