Joe Westin (Deceased)

6' tall, medium build, Blond hair, tanned skin, Blue (Left) and Green (Right) eyes


Str 7 (0)
Dex 11 (1)
End 8 (0)
Int 12 (2)
Edu 5 (-1)
Soc 6 (0)

Zero G 0
Vacc Suit 1
Deception 0
Recon 0
Athletics: Coordination 0
Stealth 0
Streetwise 1
Pilot: Spacecraft 2
Gambling 1
Astrogation 1
Gun Combat: Shotgun 1
Gun Combat: Slug Rifle 1
Melee: Blade 1
Melee: Unarmed 1
Computers 1


Connection with Maqueda’s character:
- assigned as “escort” when pirates met with her group. Made a connection
- Learned Computers 1 in very carefully sending messages back & forth and keeping it hidden from our respective crews
- she was nice enough to convey word back to my family that I am alive, fate of rest of crew. Earned my respect & loyalty.

- Pre-career: When I turned 18, I joined a Belter gang in my home system of Shangri La, apprenticed to learn more about mining and earning a living in the blackness of space. When our ship was set upon by Pirates, I fought back fiercely, but ended up being knocked out, taken aboard their vessel by First Mate Brute. When the Captain heard of the fight I had in me, he gave me a choice – join his crew or learn how to breath in space.

- term 1: Backstabbed coworker for gain: Brute. overheard Brute (enemy) plotting to overthrow the captain. Spending most of my free time outside the ship, I bugged further conversations (vacc suit), and made sure the transmission/recording made it into the captain’s hands. I trained in melee:blade when i could to learn to defend myself.

- term 2: Taken Under Captain’s Wing: Nigel Caruthers. Captain knows of my involvement in bringing down Brute my first term, likes that i showed ingenuity & initiative. Became his valet, learning piloting and astrogation in my time on the bridge. With extra tutoring, i knew enough to pilot the ship myself by the end of term

- term 3: New Romantic Relationship: Aurora Sinclair. I spend more time off of the ship this term, trying to learn more personable skills (Streetwise 1, Gambler 1) to aid in making contacts, disposing of booty, procuring equipment and supplies in places where it’s looked down upon as technically “illegal.” It was on one of these excursions that I meet Aurora Sinclair, and over time we fall in love.

- term 4:. Plan worked, obtain enemy: Tegan’s Ex. I learn about Tegan’s legal issues and she tells me about her Ex and his plans to bring her down with him. While she does some investigation to help clear up matters in her own way, I spend my spare time over a few years tracking down the witnesses against her and either “persuade” them to tell the truth or eliminated the threat they posed (Melee: Unarmed 1, Gun Combat: Rifle 1 (from rank increase), Gun Combat: Shotgun 1). I make very little profit out of this term and an enemy (Tegan’s Ex), but Oh, how sweet the look on his face. I’m not very fond of how this all affected me, though. The Captain & crew aided in my efforts, then once her ordeal was over, the Captain had me beaten and thrown off his ship for endangering it and her crew in a personal vendetta.

Joe Westin (Deceased)

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