Gerhard Reardon

6'. 180 lbs with blue eyes and dirty blond hair


My name is Gerhard Reardon and I was born on Shesheba. I am the youngest of 4 children. I have 2 older brothers and 1 older sister. My father is a farmer and my mother raised all of us. As I started school I was more advanced in studies then my other siblings. In high school I got interested in science and decided I was going to study medicine instead of following my farther’s foosteps. After graduation I left my home planet to attend college. I studied medicine. My first year I was on the brink of discovering a cure for a disease when a jealous classmate discovered my work and sabotaged my work. At that time I decided that if I get a chance that I would get even. I ended up failing this class and had to repeat the class. In my second year I studied comms and engineering as a minor. On my last year I discovered another cure for a disease. I found out that the guy who sabotaged me a couple of years ago was on the same project that I was and was ahead of me in research. I decided to copy his notes and sabotage him. That paper put me on the honor roll and an early graduation. When I graduated I was offered several high paying jobs. I’m a simple country boy and could not see me living in the big city. The original plan was to go home and practice medicine but I ran out of funds and was forced to advertise for work for a freighter. I was hired and the rest of the story starts here.

Dr. Gerhard A Reardon
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Gerhard Reardon

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