• Jiro Fukui

    Jiro Fukui

    165cm (5'4"), 164kg (141 lbs), humani - mixed, Japanese, black hair kept short, green eyes, dresses in conservative business attire, has a fresh scar on his right ear
  • Kelvin Huff

    Kelvin Huff

    Like the bamboo, you must bend but not break.
  • Keziah Penfold

    Keziah Penfold

    Tall, Dark, and a little tone
  • Lily Chloe (Naxos) Báthory AKA Jinix Pax

    Lily Chloe (Naxos) Báthory AKA Jinix Pax

    5'2" wears 6"heel boots to look 5'8", purple & black hair, dark shades, fair skin, normally wears dark grey jumpsuit with a black bomber jacket
  • Victor


    6"0" 160lbs Jet Black Hair and Hazel eyes. Pull over shirt, denim jeans and sneakers.