Adventure in the Spinward Marches

There's a slight problem...

Everyone arrives back in their respective groups from planet-side. As Victor goes to his room to get cleaned up, Jinix updates Dr. Kelvin about the whole situation with her singing doppelganger, Bacia. Concerned that Bacia might accidentally leak information about her whereabouts, Jinix gives her a call. Bacia inquires about Victor, and reveals she has doppelgangers herself all about the planet to misdirect rabid fans and such. Victor gets brought into the call and is informed by Bacia that she intends to “peel you like a banana, my friend.”

At a crew meeting, it’s revealed that there’s a problem with the jump drive. According to the repair foreman, there’s only a 30-40% chance that the ship will successfully jump the next time the jump drive is used. Our options are to jump anyways and see how lucky we are, stay in this wonderfully low-tech dung-heap of a world for at least another month while a parts request is sent out and returns, or contact someone down on the planet that may or may not have a serviceable part that would last long enough to get us to our refit station. And as tempting as options 1 & 2 sound, we opt to go find the foreman’s father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate (or whatever the relation) Jorjack Miilaki, who is coincidentally somewhere around our next stop on the mail pickup, the Liberty Alliance.

Aside from Victor, everyone decides to head down together, for if the last couple of jaunts planet-side taught us anything, it was that this wonderfully low-tech dung-heap of a world (sorry, not remembering the name of the planet, and this sounds like a fairly accurate description) has teeth and it’s constantly trying to bite us on our asses. Jinix is spotted by a nosy little girl, who tries in vain to turn her in to her mom, who steadfastly ignores the little troublemaker. Jinix’s luck then almost runs out when customs finds some error in her paperwork and brings her off to a more secure location. Jiro tries to follow, but is stopped by a bureaucratic stonewall.

Jinix is told that her visa has not been properly stamped and that there will be a 5,000 credit processing fee. Not having the money on her at the moment, she asks for them to contact her captain, Jiro, as he would surely want the pilot to actually be able to depart with the ship. She also makes references to sleeping in e captain’s quarters on a regular basis, implying a special relationship. Officials Finn & Joir approach Jiro, explain the visa situation and the need to pay a 10,000 credit fee for streamlining all the paperwork. Rather than leave Jinix at the mercy of the bureaucracy for too long, Jiro pays the fee, commends the officials on their attention to detail and customer service, and gets their names for any future “incidents.” Jinix gives Jiro a peck on the cheek as they walk away, whilst behind them Finn & Joir can be seen high-fiving in regards to their new income.

Meanwhile, back on the ship, Victor has been tracked down by Bacia, who asks for and gets a guided tour of the ship whilst Aisha attempts to fleece Bacia’s bodyguards in poker, who are flabbergasted at having an AI player. Victor hears Aisha say, “How about we make this more interesting?” as he starts Bacia’s tour. Much playfulness and flirting could have been heard throughout the ship.

On the shuttle down, the little girl again can be found stalking her Noble prey from two rows up. As our intrepid adventurers depart, they find themselves bumped up to first class, supposedly by officials Finn & Joir. They find out that the next shuttle isn’t for another two days, and are tasked to either complete all their business in four hours (brief pause here for hysterical laughter) or taking two days to complete said business.

Kelvin finds himself splashed by his and Jinix’s share of something that is better referred to as mud, since she managed to duck behind him at that fatalistic moment. Not used to such a primitive lifestyle, Kelvin makes some disparaging remarks and opts to burn his soiled suit rather than get it cleaned. He’s avoided areas like this before and is now even more intent on avoiding them more. He and Jinix get into an argument about this and she takes off in a huff to the nearest bar, where she succeeds in attracting everyone’s attention, as she was dressed in a Catholic schoolgirl outfit and not in old-west appropriate clothing. Ken follows her, trying to stop her or at least keep her out of trouble (again, brief pause here for hysterical laughter), and Jiro and Kelvin soon follow.

Back on the ship, the tour is heating up with flirting back and forth. Victor catches her coming through a portal with a kiss, with the claimed concern that he thought she was going to fall. A brief contact with Aisha reveals that she is surprisingly losing, though not by much. She checks a transmission that Bacia has made to someplace off the ship.

A Can-can dancer, Jade, runs up to Jinix at the bar, shouts “Lily!” and gives her a hug. Jinix does her best to play the part and chats up her “old friend.” Jiro jokingly makes a request for “a shot from that bottle with the skull and crossbones on it,” and receives a few gasps and then a loud ringing of an old-west triangle by the bartender. Five minutes later, the bar has been packed with 75+ people and the bartender announces, “Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a challenger.” Jiro starts wondering if this is better than keeping a low profile in this city. The drink is served, the crowd starts counting down and Jiro slugs back a shot. It’s tasty and it burns on the way down, but Jiro seems to come out of the experience alive. There is much celebration as the bartender announces that it’s been 8 months since anyone man enough tangled with #7 and came out alive. Jiro gets many slaps on the back and is approached by Jorjak Miilaki, the Vargr the group is looking for. JM, Jiro and Kelvin go get a table to talk.
Back on the ship, Victor playfully stops Bacia from passing him in the tight corridor by kissing her (the fiend!). When they get back to the common area, the bodyguards and Aisha seem to be pretty evenly matched as the stacks of chips have not changed much. Bacia starts shedding clothes as she and Victor leave, with Victor telling, over his shoulder, to take her poker program to the next level.

Jade mentions interest in Kelvin to Jinix, who mentions he was just a casual plaything. Jade approaches him, but her gives her a verbal brush-off, the brushes off the shoulder she touched when he thinks she isn’t looking. Jade gets a little irate and go gets a nice thick bottle to bash him on the head with. Jinix yells her name and stops her, and offers to do something suitable to the doctor later.

Jorjak relates his troubles to Jiro and Kelvin. Apparently he’s a landowner and his tenants (farmers & homesteaders) are stuck in a jam. The Artath clan is a friendly tribe of human riders/nomads who trade with the tenants and share festivals. A second clan, the Carval, have moved into the land and are causing problems for the farmers & homesteaders. He has a shipment of TL8 Carbines (60 of them, with 6 magazines each and 6,000 bullets) that he needs delivered to the tenants (with 20 of the guns going to the Artath) and someone to teach them how to use said guns and how to improve their defenses. At some point in the conversation, old #7 starts showing some side effects, as Jiro blinks and starts seeing double and inadvertently focuses on the wrong Jorjak. He’s offering to pay us 1,000 to each of us as well as a 10,000 credit bonus. When we mention the need for the part that we were told he might have, Ken gives him the specs for the piece we need. Jorjak says he does have said part and he’d be happy to include it in the deal. Jiro somehow manages to shake hands with the correct Jorjak to seal the deal.

Jade and Jinix, for some strange reason, start comparing bust sizes, much to the delight of every male in the joint. Even stranger, and as much delight, they kiss and Jade makes Jinix’s toes curl. The resulting applause is deafening. Jade offers to outfit her with some more appropriate travel clothes, and they head back to her room. Ken is having issues as he feels responsible for Jinix, keeping an eye on her for her father, but the display with the other woman is causing him to blush and focus intently on his drinking. Kelvin decides to head back to the ship and send Victor in his place, as he’s more likely to be able to teach how to us the guns than he, plus he still has not taken a shine to the locale. Jiro’s vision clears and he rebuffs Kelvin’s attempt to get a blood sample, to find an antidote to what Jiro drank earlier, insisting that he’s fine… just as the next side effect manifests itself, and he sees this blonde angel that he must simply get to know better.

While Jiro and Angel chat and drink, Jinix comes back, dressed in appropriate travel clothes… and Jiro is totally clueless as to who she is. Entranced, he invites this second beauty to drink with them, and she accepts. Meanwhile, Kelvin is contacting the ship via radio to request Victor’s presence, but instead gets Victor and Bacia’s sexual gymnastics broadcast back over the radio for all to hear. Most of the adventurers either turn their radios down or off.

A bit later, Kelvin is playing cards rather badly, Ken is drinking heavily and occupying himself with his notes on the repairs instead of Jinix’s state of dress or her “playing” with Jade earlier. Victor and Bacia finish things up and Bacia departs. Jiro asks his two lovely ladies if they’re interesting in continuing the festivities somewhere more private, and the blonde agrees, but Jinix declines, whispering to him that she’s still a virgin.

Jinix chats with Victor about Ken and Jiro, and Victor prepares to come down to assist in Jinix’s ship, but the trip will take around 8 hours. Ken is drinking even heavier and Kelvin is being a bit snippy for some reason.

Jorjak approaches, asking if the group is ready to leave. Jinix informs him that they’ll be ready within an hour, then goes to get Jiro, who’s a bit occupied with Angel at the moment. He still doesn’t recognize her and asks if she’s changed her mind about joining them. Jinix declines and tells him to be ready to leave in 30 minutes. Not really paying attention, he says he’s all hers in 30 minutes.

Jinix tries to get Ken to stop drinking and tell her what’s causing him to act like this. She takes the bottle he’s drinking and he blurts out that he shouldn’t see her doing the sexual things she was doing earlier, because he’s supposed to be looking after her as she’s the admiral’s daughter, the admiral being given by name. This attracts unwanted attention from wannabe bounty hunters looking to cash in on her capture. She gives Ken back his bottle and calls Victor for help. A scruffy bar patron starts speaking sideways to his compatriots while eyeing Jinix. Sensing trouble, or just because he’s been frustrated and is now well on his way to being drunk, Ken yells at Scruffy, inquiring if there’s a problem. Scruffy and his compatriots get up, and Jinix goes for the gun in her boot. A bar fight ensues.

Ken and Jinix do most of the fighting for the group, with Kelvin pitching in and drugging someone that tried to get him involved in the bar fight. Upon hearing the start of the fight, Victor does what he can to squeeze all speed possible from Jinix’s craft – Ken, you might need to be patching this ship up as well. And Jiro is still otherwise “engaged” for the duration of the fight. Minor injuries on our side, our opponents are mostly down (Go Team!), and Jiro and Angel stop fornicating like rabbits to see what all the ruckus was about. Angel looks out the door, sees a man coming their way, and quickly shuts it again.

The local constabulary appears, fires off a shotgun and commands everyone to get down. It’s established that we’re all going with the cops, and then Kelvin antagonizes the cops by sitting down on a chair instead of lying down on the ground like he was told. Fun is sure to ensue.

Marc – Side note;
For the side-effects of the Old #7, there were 5 rolls, (81,90,96,37,16) of which the first two have been used already (81, double-vision; 96, feeling randy)



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