Adventure in the Spinward Marches

"Start of a New Day" (or "And So It Begins... Er, Again")

It all starts with a bunch of strangers, each embarking on a new path from the life they once knew to new adventures. Leedor, the capital city on the planet Aramis (famous for its underground mining and acidic atmosphere, much like the Musketeer), is the gathering place… or more specifically, The Oasis (a faux British pub with a tropical-sounding name, located in the crosstown area near the starport hotel). Citizens of the planet and well-wishers have come to the capital city to celebrate the new year and enjoy the most fabulous festivities this sector has ever known. Then there’s these folk, who seem to have washed up with the galactic flotsam and jetsam this day…

Maqueda as Tegan O’Reely, Captain
Chris as Erik Grimes, Security
Bob as Joseph Westin, Pilot
Richard as Gerhard Reardon, MD
Patrick as Horace “Higgs” Thomson, Engineer/Co-pilot
and Nick as… ?? (to be introduced later)

With their packs and/or luggage stowed in their lockers or hotel rooms, our intrepid band of adventurers step out into the night, in search of fresh food and drink and a possible way off this rock, the sooner the better. Tegan, Higgs and Gerhard are the first to arrive, answering the Fates’ siren song. With their separate orders of nourishment placed, they each check and place themselves on the job posting service (for a nominal fee) and commence to sludge through the hardest part of any traveler’s journey— the waiting. Joseph and Erik arrive shortly thereafter, and join the group… separately but still tantalizingly close together… far close than any of them realize. (insert ominous crash of lightning here)

Anyways, Tegan is contacted by Jiro Takahashi, representing the Takahashi family’s business dealings in this sector, about captaining and finding a crew for a retrieval mission in a local gas giant. A ship is ready, payment is waiting to jump into her hands, and through her fingers, ours (hopefully). She starts researching and contacting the various party members as she waits for food and Jiro to show. Drinks are bought, fresh food is procured, and there are many sighs of relief and appreciation for the cooks’ due diligence to their profession.

Jiro shows and the details are gone over. The ship Vraidercalt was lost in a local gas giant. It had been attempting to refuel from the planet’s atmosphere when something went bad, very very bad. The ship was unable to make it back out of the giant’s gravitational pull without aid, so the crew set her to orbit, jerry-rigged the low berth to a shuttle and made their escape, but ended up dying in the process anyways. Jiro has a ship retrofitted for a deep dive, a Type 2 Fartrader named Grendelsbane, and he wants us to take it.

Tegan listens to his offers, gets a copy of the contract and calls the rest of the group in from their job postings. They all turn as one, their collective mouths watering at the chance to fly out of here. Jiro warns that he does not know the state of the ship, but if the ship can’t be salvaged, then we must expend all due diligence to get as much of the cargo onboard the Grendelsbane. He also warns that there are two competitors wanting to reach the ship as well, though he’s reasonably certain that they are nowhere near as prepped as his company is. The group agrees to meet Jiro early the next day to go over the ship and make preparations to leave. The rest of dinner is spent getting to know one another, and Grimes had some interesting tales to tell of encounters with pirates, one in particular catching everyone’s interest— the Screaming Magpie. They eventually break and go separate directions— some to continue the New Year celebration, others to sleep for the big day ahead.

Meeting the next morning at the starport dock, they check out the ship, sign the contracts and with a couple of false starts, manage to head on their way to the gas giant without much further ado. It’s three days journey there, so the crew goes about their duties, relaxes, and try to learn more about the people they’re trapped with in a powered tin of space sardines.


Oh, and the have a robotic cargo loader by the name and sound of Lurch onboard, too.


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