Adventure in the Spinward Marches

Sorry this took so long to post

We wake up in jail with everything taken off us. I am handcuffed to the call, apparently, separated from everyone else. Jenix is in he female cell, and Ken s in the drunk tank. The sheroff frees Ken, Jeiro and Jenix, but leaves me in my cell for now. Jenix is being called Lily here. He tells us to stay out of trouble. Ken taes the sheriff to the side and explains my actions to why I didn’t obay when told to get on the ground. He frees me and tells us to leave.

Victor lands and grabs his rifle and seeks out the party. He finds the bar and is directed to the sheriff’s office. As he walks up, and we are all coming out of the cells. As he comes up to us, his leg gets stuck in the mud due to the weight of his equipment. The locals around the town notice his armor and are grabbing their loved ones and weapons, wondering what he’s going to do. When we are walking to Victor, trying to avoid the nasty dirt road, and I step in a mud pile and lose my shoe. As I try to reach in and find my shoe, Jenix pushes me from behind and I prevent myself from falling in, I find my shoe. I am able to pull it out, tho Victor offered to help with a grenade. As Jenix walks away saying “Oh good you have it”. Victor shields Jenix from the mud I tried to throw on her. It hits Victors armor insted of Jenix, and Victor flings it back on me.

Another side effect hits Jiro and he starts to feel very paranoid. Jorjax approches us in the road and wanted to move out sooner, but we are going to leave in the morning and dawn. Feeling intimated by Victor, Jorjax asks him to remove his mask but Victor doesn’t comply. Jiro starts backing out and freaking out thinking Victor is trying to take over his authority. Jenix stops Jiro and trys to find out why he’s freaking out and he trys to slip away from the party. I tell Jenix to leave him alone he’s a big buy, and Jiro takes off running trying to get away from her. She takes chase after him. As they leave, I ask Victor where he left the speeder and that I need to get out of this area. Ken agrees with this decision and we go walking back to the speeder. Jiro is running away from Jenix they duck around buildings. As Jiro tries to jump over a fence, Jenix jumps on top of him and asks what’s wrong. He struggles for his sword, but is unable to draw his weapon. Ken hears the ruckus and runs over to see what the two are doing. Jenix sees the speeder flying away and starts yelling at everyone as she threatens to shoot me. Struggling with all his might, Jenix is able to stay on him, but Ken gets kicked by Jiro.

Victor takes me to the speeder and I inform him about how the missions needs him to stay around and teach the people how to shoot and that the caption needs to have him around to have more than one teacher about guns. He decides to stay around and I close up the speeder and take off back to the ship, using Jenix speeder. Heh, and she doesn’t know it yet, but if she likes her wild west, then her speeder can get a taste for it too.

Jiro finally gets a good buck on Jenix and is able to throw her off him. She tucks and rolls and lands back on her feet. Ken reaches in for Jiro’s sword. Victor coms to me to come back to the ground to help Jiro. I don’t want to go back down, but with a shot that hits the front of the speeder and destroyed the shielding, cracked the windows, and made the power plant unstable. I take the shuttle down and Victor starts tracking my landing spot.

Jiro is still trying to grab for his sword, but is unable to do so. Ken falls on his face, Jenix tries to grab Jiro, but he slips away and RUN THE HELL out of there. (who would blame him?) Victor flys over one of the buildings and lands in front of Jiro and stands in his path. Jenix gets up with flair (kipping? flipping?) and takes off running. Ken just gets up and follows along. Jiro tries to do a slide to get past Victor, but Victor is able to plant his foot on Jiro’s chest, stopping him in midslide. Ken surrenders his shirt to gag and hog tie Jiro.

Victor comes over to the ship, disables it from flying and then walks away. I am able to keep the windows of the speeder fogged, close the door, and relock the speeder. I look up some music choices finding classical and jazz to listen to.

Victor, Ken, and Jenix drag Jiro back to the saloon where the fight broke out. They get a room for the night and have to be out by the morning. As they are moving to the room, Jiro keeps headbutting Ken in the chest, trying to escape from his grip. Going up the stairs, Jiro gets up on the stairs, he gets ready to spring off the step and knock Ken off balance, but fails his attempt and slips on the edge. Ken throws Jiro over his shoulder to prevent him from trying to escape again. As being on his shoulder, he tries to knock Ken off balance again but can’t seem to get the leverage to get anywhere.

Jiro’s 4th symptom hits and starts to feel and see lumps under his skin that feel like bugs going up his body to get up to his brain. Over coms, Jenix plees with the crew to get someone to come to Jiro and try to save him, fearing that he is going to die if he doesn’t get medical attention. Getting out of the shuttle, its a bit chippy, so I start heading to the saloon. Jenix pays for a shot of #7 for me to analyze and see if I can find out what caused his symptoms. When I got there, I was handed a shot of #7, and I use my field kit to try and figure out what might be in this strange liquid. Getting in the room we find Ken getting off Jiro as he had just finished knocking him out with his fists. With the right body chemistry, this drink will bring on hyper psychotic trips. Victor is still no where to be found, but Ken and Jenix find places to sleep in the room as I take first watch.



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