Adventure in the Spinward Marches

It's not mine.

(we’re missing a post with the training, the foray with the scouts, my character getting blown up and the first wave of the attack, just FYI)

Jinix & Ken go and speak with a representative of the Carval clan, who approach the Sarragh homestead, waving a white flag. The rep offers a parlay, offering our dead for burial – the Carval are down 60 warriors and we’re down 15 homesteaders (and fortunately no crew). He also offers the homesteaders a deal— leave the homestead, taking a minimal amount of goods and cattle, and we won’t kill you— and gives a mere hour for the decision to be made. The Carval claim to be holding back the Grand Theocratic Republic, which has been taking their seasonal lands, so they’re expanding out into other areas, much like this farmland, and seem to consider themselves the lords of the area. It comes up during conversation that the farmers can move to a new area if they want, and that the Carval may go after that new land as well at some point in the future, but that is the way of life on this planet.

The Carval dropped off 6 bodies before they left. Jinix & Ken each put 2 on their horses and walk them back, and while Jinix goes back for the last two, Ken tells the homestead off the Carval’s offer. A radio message is received from Jorjak, saying that help is on the way and to hold out for as long as we can. Without the specifics of how long to hold out, Jiro takes an elder Vargrr landowner, Fafgh, with him to attempt to negotiate another arrangement or at least buy the homesteaders some more time. They chat on the way and arrive near the Carval camp using a bloodied white sheet to announce their intentions.

The Carval rep says he will consider the offer of the homesteaders staying and offering tribute every so often and makes a counteroffer— the homesteaders can be slaves to the Carval clan or they can flee or die. He also offers our crew the opportunity to just walk away from it all and leave the homesteaders to their fate. The diplomatic skills of Jiro are sadly lacking this time around (and maybe mouths ran off more than they should have). They ride like the wind back to the homestead, and Fafgh’s head explodes, thanks to a sniper in the woods. Someone shouts out, “That was our answer! We are coming!” as Jiro somehow manages to avoid getting shot 3 more times, though he does flee from the situation wearing bits of and the blood of Fafgh.

Jinix tries to check Jiro as he reaches the farmhouse, but he brushes her off, saying that “It’s not mine” and that the Carval used his death to announce their latest attack. Carval pour from one of the captured buildings, #2, firing at and killing one of the homesteaders at a window.

As the fight begins, Jiro joins Kelvin on the roof this time, hoping to do some sniping of his own. Jinix sets up the final clothesline wire, opens the cattle pen and causes a stamped towards Building 2 where the aforementioned Carval are pouring out of. Shots are fired, people are being killed on both sides again, and just as the Level Boss starts to aim his grenade launcher at the group on the rooftop, 5 aircraft strafe in and blow his ass up with superior technology. The Carval flee in a panic and our group shoot after them, hoping to take out more bastards. Apparently Jorjak called in a bunch of favors, and owes some new favors, in order to get help and the aircraft.

Cleanup is performed (including taking the aircraft out to look for more Carval), the wounded are again treated and the dead found and buried, including Fafgh. Jorjak provides a letter of introduction and credit for the part we need from his cousin. We’re told we’re always welcome back at the homestead for our assistance in the fight.

We are sort of welcomed back into town, and continue straight through to the spaceport. We can’t leave for the Highport until the next day, so Jiro springs for high end hotel rooms for the crew for the night. Jinix locates her speeder and weeps at the condition of it, vowing to kill Victor if she finds him. She makes arrangements for it to be held so she can speak with Jorjak’s cousin and see if he’s in the market for a fixer-upper. Then the group heads up to the Highport and go their separate ways.

Jinix visits the Jersey Shore Girls again and gets another makeover, this time into a redhead pixie bob and spends her time gossiping. Kelvin visits a casino and gambles. Keziah burns his suits from planetside in engineering and goes out shopping for new unsullied clothes, and hopefully more medical supplies. Ken & V get to work in engineering and Jane considers working in the cargo bay instead of engineering. Jiro spends his day pampering himself in the local spa.

Jinix meets with Jorjak’s cousin, and we get our new part delivered, and a horrible crash is heard as Jane ferries it into the ship. Jinix’s ship is beyond the cousin’s ability to either purchase or repair, and so arrangements are being made to ferry it up to the Highport so that it can be brought along to a higher tech system where Ken can get the parts needed to repair it.



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