Hello, Fellow Travellers!

Just a quick note, if you don’t have, or can’t find your character sheet, let me know so I can bring a copy.

Also, I’m thinking of having you post your log in the forum section (which allows comment to be made). Let me know what you think.

Lastly (before I go to bed), I’ll be dropping in a note about your next destination between now and Saturday before game, so make sure you take a look, along with reviewing the log (if you can’t recall, then neither will I!)

Also, since we have such a large group for traveller, I’m going to keep working with systems and ideas to help game play, and keep others from getting bored.

I believe that’s it for me tonight, lots of emotions to deal with, going to my friends memorial before gaming Saturday, so mentally steeling myself for that!

And looking forward to introducing your new crewmate!

See you soon!
May you have clear skies, and a clean nav plot!

The GM


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