May Update

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Well, good news!

Saturday is almost upon us, and it’s looks like we’re going to have a full house, so I’m looking forward to starting the adventure with you all. A few points to bring up..

I have received 2 emails regarding my request on the 10 questions. Now I know folks are busy, but let me put my query in another perspective. Giving me a background on your character helps me create the world in which your character will inhabit, it enriches the world, gives you enemies, rivals, past loves, please finish those and get them to me @ by Friday!

Second, I’m still learning the syntax used here, so please be patient with me..I will get it. eventually.

Third, I’m going to toss in a bone for those still struggling answering the questions. The character whose profile I enjoy the most will get…(drum roll..) The Destiny Die! What will happen is this: the winner rolls the die, the number shown is the number of times you can use that die for that session only! (Ex. we’re using a d20..for a skill check with a DC of 15, with all your modifiers you roll a 14, you state “I will use my destiny die #1”, you roll it (probably a d6), and add that to your initial roll! voila! and you can use it for ANY roll! how’s that for incentive!

and as the campaign rolls along, we’ll be using the die for ship’s logs, player commentary, contests I may think up, you never know! So, after each session, I’ll review notes, PC roleplaying, comments within the adventure log, and will name the recipient of the die for the next session.

Lastly, I’m mulling this over, but I may start introducing the crew here, using what I get back from you, but I’m undecided on that..

May Update

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