Tegan O'Reely

5'3", Red-brown hair, Bronze skin, Icy Blue Eyes


Age: 34
Species: Human
Homeworld: Happin Belt/2730/B000AAD-F
Credits: 50,000

Str 4 (-1)
Dex 9 (1)
End 9 (1)
Int 13 (2)
Edu 10 (1)
Soc 7 (0)

Zero G 0
Vacc Suit 0
Streetwise 0
Trade 0
Drive: Wheeled 0
Computer 1
Broker 0
Steward 0
Comms 0
Persuade 2
Advocate 1
Astrogation 1
Gunner: Turrets 1
Investigate 1
Mechanic 1
Pilot 1

Subdermal Armour: 1 (50k)
Also currently holding 12 ships shares towards purchase of a free trader


Connections/Allies/Enemies : Samurai Joe/Joseph Westin = Ally, Koractu “Ragnarok” nar Kesnyx = ally, Chad Brody Kincade = Ex-boyfriend

- Pre-Career: Hot, crowded and only three ways off the rock – Government, Criminal, and Merchant. Personally, I have about the same respect for the Government as I do Criminal, which is none. So is it any wonder why I went Merchant Marine. Anyways seem like the thing to do seeing I had a brother in each of the other fields (Government, Criminal). Lost our mother shortly after my oldest brother Shaun turned 18, like our parents, he believed in the government so joined up as soon as he could. Father changed without mother so my youngest brother Riley, also known as Lucky, started running with the wrong crowd on the streets and soon became an up and coming in the crime world. Then we have me, the middle child, only girl and with not one but THREE men telling me how to run my life I had to Escape and Fast. One ticket out to a new life please…

- Term 1: You make an unexpected connection outside your normal circles. Gain a Contact.
condition: Bob’s pirate gang had been terrorizing an area of space frequented by your merchant company. My Captain made a deal with the corsairs, who happen to be an old friend, we will give over competing companies, to leave your company alone. During the closed door talks I was left waiting for the captain. He saw I was smart and wanted to test me. Met Joe while I was waiting and we developed a mutual respect for one another both being from Rocks (although neither trusts the other), and decided to build an association based on both sides using one another, much like it seems the captains were doing. Also didn’t hurt that Joe was very cute for a pirate.

- Term 2: Business Thrives, gain a rank . My character known with the crew for being quiet decides too speaks her mind during an incredibly intense meeting on the bridge between the higher ranking officers on how to rectify a bad reputation they are getting by never being attacked, which has been affecting trades. She not only comes up with a brilliant way to salvage the operation, per the captain, with fake attacks but also points out that she been checking the numbers and we need to be watchful as we may have some embezzling going on. To which not only gets her promoted but brought her closer to one of the officers romantically. Chad Brody Kincade the Third, the 1st Officer of the Merchant ship Captain’s Folly who had taken a liking to me. He is the son and third generation of a merchant with a very ambitious nature and a killer smile.

- Term 3: Romantic relationship ends. Chad douche nozzle up his’ ass turns out to be the embezzler and had been teamed up with Brute from Joe’s ship, the same one he had been investigating. I turn in Chad, which he doesn’t take well & tries to kill me in the shower which motivates me into spending my savings to get subdermal armor and the investigation ends with him on the run. I realize going forward to only trust men that have proven themselves with me… like Joe. In fact I thought he was very cute from the first day we met almost 12 years ago and I think it is time I let him know, maybe some additional personal private melee training is in order. Cannot wait to see his’ sword. But when I get ready to inform him of my feelings he introduces me to his’ new girlfriend, frack!!! I think I hate her.

- term 4: Seems my Ex has been busy while he has been on the run. He has tried to throw me under the space bus, trying to implicate me in the embezzling as well. After all thanks to Daddy strings were pulled, favors called in and a few palms were greased to keep the charges for him on the down low. With people I suspect that are loyal to him and his’ money my goose is looking cooked. I can and do investigate who and how this is happening but questioning is not something the presumed guilty can do. While trying to prove my innocence, I pick up Investigation 1 and Joe’s help. I am sure some door were knocked down, a few bruises were left and a law or two could of been broken, but My Joe helped get me what was needed to prove my prove my innocence. Can he get any sexier trying to protect me? Note to self – look into libido inhibitor on next world or a nice civilian for a night. Speaking of next world, the Captain makes me 1st Officer and wants me to stay but think this part of my life has run its course now to find a new one without any ship drama.

Tegan O'Reely

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