Adventure in the Spinward Marches

The Interstellar Jersey Shore

Back to Jersey. Back to Crazy.

I want to say sorry to everyone for being soooooo very late with my notes last month has been hell and I was asleep for some of the game, sorry if I miss stuff.

While on the planet the PCs did the following:
• Jinix – Left to get her hair done and found the interstellar jersey shore beauty salon, went native and bonded with the girls
• Jiro / Victor – learned the in and outs of red tape and planet bureaucracy in triplicate
• Kelvin – left to have fun within the starbase
• Ken – stead on ship to handle the repairs and bureaucracy of what is required when the government says the ships pipes are bad.
• Keziah – left to find medical supplies and personal ones of which the medical drugs are stolen
• Marcus – found a good bar with a good gambling game that netted him and extra $8,000

In time Keziah finds Jinix to tell her of the robbery at which time Blanche, Bambi, Bonnie & Betty (the girls from the beauty salon) give him the 411 on who it maybe and how they could help. At the same time Keziah notics that Jinix has taken on the girls vernacular and mannerisms. He leaves when they start to question him and his’ relationship with Jinix. He hears Jinix oversharing as he escapes the salon. Jiro / Victor find out the the mail is in 5 different areas which can be completed within 4 stops and they have to wait until the morning before they can start. Jiro then plans for a dinner with the crew to go over the mission and make sure everyone id okay… Jinix invites the girls to tag along for the party. When dinner happens Betty and Bambi make a beeline in for Kelvin, Blanche & Bonnie sit between Victor and Jiro. They order a meal and right after the food is brought the waiter shoots Bambi. The girls head under the table as do most of the restaurants patrons except for the one with 2 bodygaurds pulling out their guns, while Keziah rushes to save Bambi and the rest of the table draws their guns. Victor get the first shot off and the shooter loses his’ arm…did I meantion he has armor periceing rounds. Before Marcus can then get off his’ shot the 2 bodygaurds kill the shooter. Jinix then goes under the table to speet to the girls and notice the holdout guns they all have drawn that they then put back into place once she indorms them everything is safe. While Keziah stabiles Bambi thus saving her life the planet security shows up. The crew provides the same story as the other restaurants patrons except omitting a few details of who shot the shooter. After all no one really saw anything clearly right. Before the girls leave Bonnie gives Jinix a card that had 6127 witten on it with the letters ACF between the numbers in a much smaller print. When she ask about it she is informed you are a smart girl you will figure it out. After the strenuous day the crew each goes back to their resting areas to sleep, with one exception. Keziah and Jinix finally with protection in had plan on taking the relationship to the next level. While the a first time for Jinix, Keziah is sure that it will be memorable. Cut seen to the end of the 2005 movie of “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” when the couple finally consummates the relationship…first time quick and not that great for Jinix but the next time…..OMG!!!



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