Adventure in the Spinward Marches

Split Adventure

Jiro, Marcis, and I arive at Star City. In the court yard heading to the Library, Jerin and I notice a group of six, three men and three women, dressed in white robes singing and dancing moving in a circle. A group started to form around the group start dancing with the six,singing a long. My vision starts to blur as we move deeper into the crowd. The best feeling starts to rush over me as we get got more ingulfed. My vision clears up and I see people dancing and moving around being REALLY happy. Apparently Jerin and I were brought into this circle, becoming part of it. Noticing what’s going on, the thought of my secret came up, and I have a bad feeling people know. Jerin looking right at me and coming for me… Does he know? He’s coming right for me. I throw down the hands I has holding on to and try despretly to get away, shoving and stumbling out of the crowd. Jiro gets swepped up in it again, but thought his secret got out to the crowd. Marcis is up in his room looking down at the group. He wanted to come join us, but didn’t feel right. Going back up to his room, Marcis decided to keep watch over Jerin and I. Trying despretly to get away, I pull off a white rob and the person falls down with it and they look like my crush from college. Getting up from the ruckus, I was able to put on the rob and blend back into the group. The plesent feeling comes back over me, vision blurd and joined back into the group. Jerin, after following the path I left, gets swepped back up in the music and dancing. Marcis doesn’t get anything back from Jerin, decides to get something to eat and relaxes. After a couple hours, Jerin and I have not gone back to the room, we are still dancing and singing down in the street. The filter masks we were wearing were off.

It is now 2:30am. My eyes clear up and I notice two beautiful women dancing with me. Jiro also had a beautiful woman with him, dancing and singing along with him. Jiro looks like he has a forced smile on his face, looking around like he’s looking out for someone. I got a poke on the side, and a hand reaches up to invite him to dance. Something was different, she was wearing sunglasses. It looked like it was Jenix in a rob.

Jiro wakes up in his room, wearing a white rob. Feeling relaxed, almost like being in a day spa. He still had the feeling like he told someone his secret. On the floor next to the bed he sees a rob and a pair of feet coming from it. It was a man, and he thought he was in his room, tho he was in Jiro’s room.
I woke up in my room, with three other people. Two women and one man. As I wake up in the morning, I found a wedding ring on my finger. I went to the bathroom to take the ring off his finger. The other women dont have rings on their fingers, which is a good thing, but I could have sworn Jenix was here last night.

New moon celebreation.

Marcis, Jiro and I meet down for breakfast. Jiro and I are a bit nervous, but Marcis doesnt pry into the details of last night. Jiro gets up and says he forgot something up in his room. Jiro doesn’t feel comfertable and leaves the area. It comes to my attention that my mask was missing, and so was Jiros. I go to get myself checked out, and over the comm Marcis says, “Jiro, I need to talk to you abuot a crew memebrs secret. Its about to come out if we do not do something about it soon.” I wanted to get the captian checked out, but after hearing that, I keep quiet.

A news artical uses Jenix real name, saying she is going to do a concert in two days. Its a fan that uses her name and look in tribute to Jenix. After getting medically checked out, I decided to go up to Marcis room to figure out what was going on. A woman came to his room looking for me saying that I promised to stay and do the accolite training and got “Wed” spiritually. Jiro and I come up and face each other and after an awkward interchange we walk to Marcis room. When we open the door, the woman spots me and walks toward me. After a conversation Melin runs out of the room crushed after I didn’t know who she was. The artical says that the singer is going to be in Katter, and we know that Jenix and Victor are in Katter. Jiro went down to the main to get information about the memory loss and the local laws about the spiritual wedding. As they talk, Melin walks through with 12 members from the Ministry of Justice (men in black robs). He radios us and warns me about them coming up. As they pass, the head preist meets up with Jiro to drop off the mail. After hearing the conversation Marcis had with the men in the black robs, I decided to stop and have them hear my case out. As Jiro finishes with the High Priest, he recounts what happened durring the New Moon Festival. The High Priest has heard about this happening to visiting people. As I was recounting the dealings of last night, there was a knock on the door and The High Priest discusses with the Black Robs. They talk a lot with their hands. They invite Melina to the conversation, and after some time, Melina and the Black Robes leave. I was able to get off the hook and returned the ring to the High Priest. With the situation taken care of, and the documents received, we check out of the hotel and we find out that the rooms and food have been covered for us. We go and get tickets for the shuttle back to the space station. Durring the wait, Jiro and I talk about what happened last night. Once we get back up to the star port, it was late. Decided to stay up in the port for the night and start down first thing in the morning.

When morning comes, we get up at our times and get to the shuttle for Tersberg. We head over to pick up the records at the local civic center Hall of Records. Jiro gets handed a stack of papers to sign to clear the hand off of the records. 0232 hours, the records were handed off to Jiro of the Grindlesbane. To thank the office for the ease of the paperwork, Jiro wants to get the office some wine and cheese and have it delivered to the office. We get back in the cab with Joey, we get back to the star port and can get to a shuttle with minutes to spare, and get back up to the star port.

Victor and Jenix:
They are taking a train to Katter to catch up to the Parliment Train to receive the mail they are to get there. As Jenix and Victor walk through one of the cars, a young man wispers to Jenix, “I know who you are.” She doesn’t keep stride, keeping an eye to see if the young man follows her. At the injunctor between the two cars, she pulls out her gun and gets ready. Victor confrounts the man. “I know who you are” whispers the man, turns around and walks away. “Your secret” wispered again and vanishes into another car. After a quick “conversation” with Victor, Jenix goes in the direction the man went. She spots him in the lounge car sitting down with another man she doesn’t know either. As they enter, the earlier man leans in and whispers to the other man. Jenix walks over to the men at the table and asks to join them. Victor sits at the bar keeping an eye on her, with his pistol in lap. Erin Fah is the young man that knew Jenix. Erin gets up and goes back to coach cars. Jenix has a conversation with Erin’s accoiate. Erin has an ability to see through people and was able to see something in Jenix. After an interchange, this associate excusses himself and leaves the table.

The next morning, the train is going to arive in Katter in 4 hours. Victor and Jenix do their morning activities. In the dinning car, they notice Erin and his associate at a table, but there are no open seats for them to sit. They decide to wait for a table to open, rather then go sit with Erin. After 45 mins, they get a chime that their table is ready for breakfast. As they are eatting, people walk by them, whispering under their breath and gestering toward them. A family walks by them and their little child takes a picture of both of them. They decide to go find Erin and try to figure out what is going on. Turns out Jenix dopple ganger, a famous singer, is in town. Erin’s assoicate name is Douglass Sorgan. They work for M1 research, an Information Broker.

They decide they should change Jenix hair color, and so he grabs supplies and brings out the bleach. She refuses and they get the call that they are ariving at Katter. As they get off the train, the crowd spots Jenix and starts to make a clatter. They start to look around for a beauty solon. The person they ask seems more focused on Jenix then he does looking up the information for her. As time goes on, more and more people start to notice and gather around. Victor and Jenix decide to split up since it would be hard to finish the job with all the attention Jenix is generating. Right as Jenix gets a cab to take her to a hotel, a tween girl spotted her and started screaming and started a stamped toward the car. Jenix hops in and they take off a hotel. She tries to find the location of the pop singer. They find the hotel and shes staying at and goes with the deal to take pictures with the dirver and his daughter.

Victor uses Aisha to link to the space station to get her signature and forge identification for Jenix. They arive at the hotel, which is only a couple of blocks from the hotel the singer is actually staying in. Wearing Victors cloak, they walk in hoping to avoid detection. Checked in wtihout incident. They get settled in the room, Victor goes out to get the mail and Jenix stays in the room to keep out of sight of the people. When Victor arives to get the records from the Parlament Train, they don’t have the records there for him. Looking around, the guards are on high alert, like they are waiting for an attack. Four attempts later, a person comes out and escorts Victor through the train back to his desk. Sorting through all the files, he finds Kursis Mail LIC file and hands Victor a stack of papers to fill out before the records can be handed over. All the paper work seems to be in order, goes to a safe and hands over the records to Victor. When Victor steps off the train, there is a crowd of about 500 people around the train shouting and yelling in protest against the government.

Back at the hotel, Jenix invited the singer over to her hotel for a personal chat. Durring the chat, there was a story about how she killed her future husband and excaped into deep space and got away. This singer is not the only inpersnator. Without knowing, Jenix gave an example to the sector about standing up for themselves. Jenix wants to give the singer parts of the true story to her. Victor flys up to the room with his grav belt and knocks on the glass door. Jenix lets Victor in and goes back to Bacia to finish up their conversation.
Victor and Bacia become a couple (fuck buddies?). Now with the new information, Jenix wants to have Bacia start releasing the true story out through the music. Now with the records in hand Victor and Jenix get back on a train to go to Unity, back to the hovor car and on to the next pick up. On the news, durring the press conference, its noticed the blond hair and the change in the story that was being spun in a diplamatic way to not ask too many questions. As they get back to the train, there was an angry mob waiting for them because Victor had the records. When they get too routy, Jenix pulls off her hood and lies to the crowd about how they are getting upset over sheet music. That calms them down and they are able to get out with the records in hand. They arrive back at Unity after 1 1/2 days without incident.

Jiro, Marcus and I have made it back up to the Warne High Port, and now waiting for Victor and Jenix to get back up. I wonder what happened to those two…



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