Adventure in the Spinward Marches

Destination: Kerin's Tyr

PC Information

System Name Kerin’s Tyr
System Location Ley Sector / Subsector E
Travel Zone Green (No Special Restrictions)
Stellar Type F8 D
Gas Giants 0
Asteroid Belts 2
Allegiance Imperial (Im)
Bases None.
System Detail
Traveller Atlas

Main World Data
Attribute UPP Description GURPS
Starport B B: Good Facilities. Spacecraft Shipyards. Refined Fuel. Class IV
Diameter 5 Medium (8000km)
Atmosphere 7 Standard (Tainted)
Hydrographics 5 Normal (50%)
Population 7 30 Million
Government 7 Balkanization
Law Level 8 High law (blade weapons controlled, no open display) GCR 5
Tech Level 6 Early Information Age (Nuclear Power,Circa 1950) GTL 6

Core Type Rocky
Density 0.92 Earths
Mass 0.3 Earths
Gravity 0.62 G
Rotation Period 22 hours
Orbital Period 463 days
Axial Tilt 29 degrees
Orbital Eccentricity 0
Satellites 3
Surface Pressure 1.258 atm


Kerin’s Tyr is the mainworld of a system containing two planetoid belts and several rocky planets, but no gas giants. One consequence of this is that visiting ships have to come to the mainworld for fuel, or else waste time looking for ice asteroids.

The Starport
Kerin’s Try is served by a large orbital facility (Warne Highport), to which all traffic is directed. The port is a private venture, owned and operated by Venture Ports, LIC. Most Jump-2 traffic that comes through the cluster arrives or departs via Kerin’s Tyr. This means that so long as the Colonial Office subsidizing the port, it remains just about profitable.
However, Warne Highport has seen better days. Originally constructed as a high quality Class B port, it is now rather seedy and run-down. A large Startown of some 60,000 inhabitants forms part of the facility; laws are liberal (level 2) and rather patchily applied. What order there is, is kept by Portside Security, a private security force that seems to believe that court cases are a needless waste of everyone’s time. Minor infractions usually result in a “spot fine” payable in cash or personal possessions, or in on-the-spot just administered with shock batons. Crime rates are fairly low.
The Port and associated startown are run as a commercial concern, and have the air of a lively, if rather seedy market. The port is considered neutral ground, so merchants from the various nations of Kerin’s Tyr often come to the Highport to conduct their business. Goods are usually shipped direct on-planet.
Traffic through the port is a mixture of tramp traders and regular services plying the cluster. Jump-2 vessels crossing the rift from the Reaching Arm, and Tukera Lines vessels heading to Sentry for refit (or out again).
A platoon of Imperial Marines is stationed at the Highport, protecting the Imperial trade mission and the residence of Baron Marie Iskuulii, the Imperial noble assigned to the world. The Baroness makes regular visits to the nations of Kerin’s Tyr, and meets with the ambassadors on a regular basis. She has no desire to live on the planet, however.
For port security and traffic control, Warne Highport operates a force of 10-ton light lighters to back up its inspection cutters The latter are unarmed, and crewed by professional if unenthusiastic personnel drawn from the Portside Security force.
6 200-ton System Defense Boats are also deployed to provide immediate defense of the port. Their mercenary crews are long-service professionals. They are reliable and skilled, and have so far have rebuffed all efforts by various on-planet groups to bribe them.
The Main World
Kerin’s Tyr itself is a mid-sized world, with a standard oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere. However, the atmosphere carries a (relatively mild as these things go) taint; some of Kerin’s Try plant life produces pollen that causes a violent allergic reaction in about 25% of humans. This reaction is rarely fatal, but causes breathing difficulties that more or less incapacitate the victim for periods of a day or two at a time, occurring at fairly random, but frequent intervals. Filter masks are required to keep out the pollen. It is possible to gain a temporary immunity through drugs (though the drugs cause a mild version of the reaction which can be physically limiting and extremely unpleasant). Immunity can be developed over time; this normally takes several months and is lost after a couple of years without exposure to Kerin’s Tyr pollen.
Kerin’s Tyr has about 50% surface water coverage. This is mainly in the form of wide seas between the large continental land masses. Seas are fairly shallow at most points, but there exist several monumental deep-ocean trenches which have never been fully explored.
Kerin’s Tyr’s land masses are mainly distributed in three main continents, plus the Great Arctic Wilderness, a land mass that covers the North Pole region and extends far south. The Wilderness is large enough that not all of it lies under ice; there are regions of taiga and tundra, though few inhabited areas.
Kerin’s Tyr is home to some 30 million inhabitants, of whom about 50 thousand are Vargr. The world is heavily Balkanized; i.e. fragmented into many small states. These range from isolated city-states to large nations. Law and Technology levels are thus an approximation.
There are four main nations on kerin’s Tyr: The Kingdom of Harven, The Confederation of City-States, The Grand Theocratic Republic and the Liberty Alliance.
The Kingdom of Harven (Hereditary Oligarchy, Law Level 5, Tech Level 6) is the largest state by a good margin, dominating the smallest of the three msin continents. The Kingdom is reasonably well-ordered and organized, and welcomes outsiders. It maintains a large spaceport at the capital (Tersberg), which sees considerable traffic coming down from orbit.
As befits the major nation of a world designated “agricultural”, the Kingdom exports a great deal of foodstuffs and naturla products; mainly grain, vegetables, fish from the coastal fishing town, and hardwood from the abundant forests that cover large areas of the continent.
The Confederation of City-States (Balkanized, Law Level 2, Tech Level 5) is a loose conglomeration of independent cities scattered across the Eastern side of the largest continent. A steam powered railroad system links the cities, most of which operates a small spaceport (equivalent to Type D). The Confederation has no central government or capital, but each city state sends representatives to squabble and bicker aboard a “parliament train” that travels between the cities. Little is ever settled aboard the train, and politics in the Confederation is a constantly-shifting web of alliances, embargoes, sanctions and even outright conflict.
The Confederation attempts to maintain a joint armed force for mutual defense and a small (maritime or “wet”) navy to deter territorial aggression from the Kingdom of Harven. However, given the nature of Confederation politics, these forces are little more than political footballs. Operations rarely even get started, let alone completed. However, popular militias of citizens well armed with TL 5 small arms do exist (indeed, they rule some of the cities), and these are capable of putting up a stiff fight at need.
The Western side of the large continent is mainly wilderness, populated by scattered settlements of hardy frontiersmen (who rarely have access to more than TL 4) and nomadic groups (TL 2-3). They have no overall political affiliation.
The third continent is shared by the Grand Theocratic Republic and the Liberty Alliance. The Republic is actually quite democratic (Representative Democracy, Law Level 5, Tech Level 6), though only initiates of the ruling Church of Stellar Divinity are allowed to stand for election (this is pretty much everyone, however). The Republic is rather stiff-necked and unwelcoming to outsiders. The only spaceport is at a special “star city”, away from the mass of the population. It is no coincidence, given the locals’ beliefs, that Star City is also a holy place. Offworlders are not venerated as holy, but they are considered special and treated well. However, most ships crew are not permitted to leave the Offworld Enclave (which is not holy) Only those of sufficient “purity”- i.e. those who the theocrats don’t think will cause trouble- are allowed into Star City proper where the pilgrims will come into contact with them.
The Liberty Alliance (Tribal Government, Law Level 2, Tech Level 3) is a collection of of nomadic groups, small settlements and two city-states housing most of the worlds vargr population. These groups have absolutely nothing in common except a desire to to ensure that the Grand Theocratic Republic does not expand into their territory. Armed clashes have occurred, and for a long time guerrilla warfare was common as the Republic attempted to expand its territory. An uneasy truce now exists.
Even on the inhabited continents, there is still a lot of wilderness remaining unexplored. The Arctic region is almost wholly untouched, except for a couple of Kingdom outposts.

The Rest of the System
The Kerin’s Tyr system includes several rocky planets and two planetary belts. The inner belt (in the next orbit out from Kerin’s Tyr) is little more than gravel for the most pary, but the outer belt is composed of a broad mix asteroid types, and is occasionally picked over by private Belter ships seeking a new claim. There have been a few minor finds but no big strikes.
Since the nations of Kerin’s Tyr cannot maintain a space force of any kind, and the port mercs are assigned to local patrol only, the outsystem is almost completely lawless. Imperial Navy vessels do sweep the area from time to time, but since the beginning of the Solomani Rim War, this has become a rare occurrence.



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