Adventure in the Spinward Marches

A week in Jump without killing anyone

After two weeks of repairs and
cleaning, the Grendelsbane is allegedly
spaceworthy, though the crew won’t find
out whether she’ll survive Jump until
it’s actually attempted.

Victor set a passcode on the ship’s
doors, locking everyone else out, after
Kelvin endangered ship security by
walking in with one of the local women
to continue their evening’s
festivities, even though Kelvin most
likely patted her down very thoroughly
before bringing her on ship.

Jiro received communication from Mr.
Volsate, stating that the Jiro was
being made captain of the ship, giving
their itinerary and insisting that they
depart planet and get started on their
route within 24 hours.

Sentry (starting point)
Kerin’s Tyr
Sentry again, at which point there’s
the possibility of a refit and
maintenance upgrade

Jiro was amusing himself at the
entryway, Kelvin was ignoring him and
wairing patiently until Keziah showed
up. Jiro opened the hatch to let them
in, and Kelvin just brushed right past
him. Keziah started handing out long-
range communicators to the crew,
purchased with his own funds, while Ken
was busy making the ship sparkle from
top to bottom.

The 5 tons of mail cargo showed up and
Jiro asked Kelvin to supervise the
loading, which he graciously decided to

It was decided to turn quarters #2 into
a makeshift medbay and have the crew
double-bunk in order to fit in more
passengers. Passengers were booked – 4
low (cryo), 2 Medium, and 4 high (never
again). Also loaded were 9 tons of
silver and Jinix’s personal ship.
Everyone chipped in for the silver and
it was decided to split the profits
from the sale based on the percentage
contributed by each crew member.

Ken and Keziah supervised the low berth
passengers being put into cryo, and
even though Keziah was happy about some
of the readings he was getting from a
couple of the cryo tubes, they were
still within the safe zones of
operation. Rooms were assigned for the
medium and high berth passengers.

Keziah performed medical exams on the
crew, though Jinix presented a
reluctance to have hers. Jiro asked
Keziah to share information with him on
Kelvin’s exam only – perfect health
with a couple of old bullet wounds
(Apparently he’s good with women, but
bad with men). Jiro himself had a
nearly-fully healed scar on his right
ear. Upon being asked, he simply
replied that someone had tried taking
his head off and he had stopped the
attack almost completely.

Upon takeoff, it was discovered that
with everything going on, Jiro had
completely forgotten to file the
appropriate paperwork for departure
from the planetary system. Victor and
his A.I. Aisha stepped in to save the
day and the ship was off for its first
Jump with its new crew.

Everyone crossed fingers or other
appropriate body parts and Jinix hit
the button with style, throwing us into
Jump for the next week. Now if only
the crew can keep from killing the
passengers and each other.

Jiro & Jinix settled down in the common
area for a friendly game of poker,
apparently even-matched, and
conversation while Ken continued with
the cleaning. Two of the high
passengers (rooms 6&7) came to the
common room looking to complain to the
captain about the cleanliness of their
rooms. In their case, apparently “high”
indicated the elevation of their noses,
not the manner of their accommodations.
Ken was insulted by their unwarranted
criticism of his cleaning skills and
nearly hit them with the mop on their
way past. Jinix and Jiro managed to
intercede and Jiro promised to take
care of the couple personally for the
rest of the trip.

The plight of the two medium
passengers, nobles in hiding Bavis and
D’Shar Fawkes, became known to the
crew. Their families had put them
together at first and now wanted to
split them since there was currently a
serious conflict between the two
families, so they were fleeing in order
to stay together. The crew decided
while they couldn’t actively hide them
or help with the couple’s
disappearance, services could be
provided that would be available for
most any passenger— a change of
clothes, new shoes, new hairstyles and
makeup and discussions of the
mannerisms of other cultures & classes.
By the end of the week, it looked as if
they were making serious headway into
becoming other people.

Meanwhile, Kelvin had run into the B*
from rooms 6&7. After finding his way
through the torrent of flirting &
innuendo, Kelvin went with her to her
room to help with some “electrical
problems” they were having. The
electrical problems seemed pretty
severe, as he seemed to spend the
majority of his time for the rest of
the trip assisting her with them.
Jinix, knowing Jiro had particular
interest in Kelvin, informed him of
Kelvin’s diligence in providing such
attentive service above and beyond the
call of duty to said passenger.

Jiro and Victor (gun in hand) spoke
with Kelvin in front of the passengers,
albeit the ones locked in cryo,
regarding the high praise he would be
likely to receive from the B* for his
stellar performance of his duties, but
also expressed some concern about what
her husband would think of his
performance, should it be made known to
him, and how that could make things
more difficult for the ship & crew in
the future. Kelvin was asked to attend
more to his regular duties so there
would hopefully be less chance of the
husband finding out and less
of a fallout from the situation. Jiro
revealed exactly what the connection
was between the Kelvin and himself,
much to the surprise of both Victor and
Kelvin, the unexpected groom-to-be.

Meanwhile, Jinix took turned more than
a few heads with the skimpy yet
fashionable outfit she chose to wear
that day. As the crew was assembling
for exit from Jump, some of the
passengers complained about her lack of
a uniform. Upon further inspection,
neither the captain nor the rest of the
crew had an issue with her attire or
lack thereof, but impressed upon her
the need for a vac suit nearby just in

Which was just the case, because as
they exited Jump, they received a
distress signal from the Malfeasant, a
scout courier that was attempting an
exit from the clutches of a nearby gas
giant, but was doomed to plummet back
down. A garbled video message revealed
the crew was in vac suits but were all
unconscious or soon to be so.

The crew deliberated for a moment and
decided to rescue the people onboard
over attempting to save the ship.
Jinix and Kelvin (in the engine room)
were staying onboard the Grendelsbane,
Ken was going to see if he could do
anything for the Malfeasant in their
engine room, and Keziah, Victor and
Jiro were going to try to rescue the
crew, with Victor also trying to
download what data from the ship’s
computers that he could.

Jinix docked the ships and tried to
keep them as steady as she could, but
the gas giant was having none of that.

The boarding party quickly went in
pursuit of their tasks, and Ken seemed
to have the biggest problem with his—
there were no more engines in the
engine room to try to coax power out
of, just a magnificent view of the gas
giant. He headed towards the bridge,
searching along the way for more crew
or items of interest/importance.

The other arrived on the bridge and
thanks to Keziah’s ministrations, the
lone Ursa onboard regained
consciousness briefly- just long enough
to slip a data chip to Keziah, who
pocketed it then continued trying to
revive the rest of the crew.

The docking clamps were becoming very
vocal in their protest of having to
keep a second ship steady, and Jinix
suggested that getting back to the
Grendelsbane soon was better than
seeing the innermost core of the gas
giant in person.

Keziah and Jiro each grabbed a human,
and Victor grabbed the data, the last
human and stuck a grav belt on the Ursa
and bounced him down the hallways to
the airlock.

Within everyone (that we knew of) back
on the ship, Jinix coaxed the
Grendlesbane back out of the atmosphere
of the gas giant and we headed for our
rendezvous with the Lakshmi Goddess, a
ship also responding to the distress
call, to transfer the unconscious crew
to them, as they have a better medical
facility than the Grendelsbane and can
bring them to the main planet’s
hospital more quickly than we could.



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