Adventure in the Spinward Marches

A Light Shower on Miip

Game July 28th, 2012


  • Jinix – pilot – Maq
  • Victor – Sensors – Lane (and Aisha as AI)
  • Kelvin – Jack of all Trades – Ethan
  • Ken – Engineer – Richard
  • Keziah – Doctor – Kyle
  • Jiro – Captain/comms – Bob
  • Marcus – Gunner – Jerry


The group gives an interview to a reporter as real life heroes for the rescue they performed. Jinix abstains from attending.

That night, Keziah and Jinix go out for ice cream and then clubbing. While Jinix was a dancing machine, Keziah wasn’t quite as into it and wanted to return to the ship by midnight, under the guise of ‘one more dance’ Jinix gives him the slip and manages to avoid him until 2 am or so when she finally comes back to him. Ticked off, Keziah drags her back to the ship and doesn’t speak with her for two days, on the third day Jinix approaches him and apologizes for ditching him.


Leaving Sentry the crew has a quick single jump hop to Miip for a mail delivery and refueling stop. Upon arriving the crew is slightly surprised to find the quality of the landing area – a hole in the ground.

Looking outside the crew sees a small crowd of locals approaching armed with a mis-mash of weapons, the locals look wary but not especially angry. Two men step out in front of the locals to greet the newcomers, a distinguished older man carrying a navy issue cutlass on his belt and another man in his late thirties with a rifle slung over his back.

As the crew comes out one by one, they are greeted by the younger man – Marcus – and welcomed into the village. Once the locals are satisfied the crew isn’t there to cause trouble they are more warmly welcomed and invited to stay in the town. Walking from the port to the town two things quickly become apparent – the weather on this planet is trouble, and the ‘town’ isn’t much more than a village with the only real building other than individual homes is a central gathering hall.

Due to the lack of any other accommodations the group is split up into the homes of several welcoming families. The houses are primitive, but a welcome change from the weather outside as it starts to pour rain. Plus the booze is exceptionally good.

They wake the next morning to clear weather and while captain Jiro deals with business and unloads the mail the remainder of the crew finds their own entertainment. Jinix and Keziah head down to the shore for a leisurely day of frolicking in the ocean while Ken takes up an exercise routine jogging around the area and enjoying the scenery. Victor and Ethan recruit Marcus to lead them to a nearby Ursa village in hopes of finding a translation of the data chip they have.

The day passes uneventfully until evening nears. As Victor, Ethan and Marcus arrive at the Ursa village they mean a father and daughter on their way to hunt and notice the weather is starting to turn, thinking nothing of it they continue into the village and start exploring, the locals aren’t hostile, but are a bit standoffish as they ask around. The weather continues to turn and it quickly becomes apparent this is going to be a big one and the party seeks shelter in the village gathering hall.

Meanwhile Jinix and Keziah have a discussion about how if Keziah’s secret comes out he won’t be able to ask her for help as either a noble or as an admirals daughter so it’s best to keep things ‘light’ because of the unknown future.

They are wrapping up their day of oceanic frolicking (despite the lack of available birth control putting a damper on some of the frolicking) when they notice the storm rapidly coming in and start heading quickly back to the village.

Underestimating the speed and ferocity of the weather they quickly find themselves exposed in hurricane weather. Following the path to the village they get an unexpected surprise when the ground gives way beneath them, causing an exciting slide down a mud soaked hill, ending abruptly in a small sinkhole made pond. They land a little bruised, but safely with nothing really hurt but their dignity as Jinix finds herself landing face first on Keziah’s crotch. Untangling themselves Jinix and Keziah, search desperately for a way out of the pond as water and mud continue to pour in, thwarting their attempts to climb out. Eventually Jinix, with an amazing display of dexterity, manages to scramble up the side to solid ground. Unable to find anything to use to pull Keziah out Jinix resorts to removing her shirt to use as a makeshift rope, but Keziah – no doubt encouraged by the now shirtless Jinix – finds the energy to scramble up to her on his own. Drenched, covered in mud, and starting to freeze they decide to stop heading to the village and instead huddle under cover as best they can.

Meanwhile Ken and Jiro sit warmly and comfortably in the main hall, sipping their drink and discussing the day while listening to the relaxing sounds of the storm outside.

Back in the Ursa village, Victor, Ethan and Marcus watch in the meeting hall as more and more of the villagers come to the meeting hall as their houses are ripped from the foundations by the winds. Family after family comes in until eventually the hunter they encountered earlier arrives in a desperate state declaring his daughter is trapped in the river before collapsing in exhaustion.

Silence fills the hall as the occupants look from the collapsed father to the raging weather outside until Ethan speaks up announcing he’ll go after her, a sentiment quickly echoed by Marcus. The village leader says this is a village matter and that he’ll go, asking for volunteers Ethan and Marcus are the only ones who step forward. As they leave Victor follows after them without a word.

Heading into the blinding wind and rain they make their way to the river and split up to cover more ground. After a few minutes of searching Marcus and Ethan are dumped into the river by a mini-mudslide and manage to pull themselves to shore just as they hear Victor call out that he’s found her. Rushing to the sound of his voice they arrive to find Victor stringing a rope over a nearby tree as a makeshift pulley above the river, and the daughter unconscious, trapped under a large log in the river.

Victor, Ethan and Marcus manage to lift the log using the pulley enabling the village leader to pull her out and drag her away from the river to shelter. Exhausted and freezing, the five of them huddle together through the night and are woken the next morning by a search party from the village. They are taken back to the village where they are treated as heroes, the girl’s father and the village leader declare their lifetime friendship and loyalty. They easily get the chip translated at this point – though some of the technical aspects aren’t translated well by these relatively primitive villagers.

As it turns out, the chip contains information on a potential salvage ship

A few days later, with the business in on Miip done and the crew gathered together once more they begin to discuss what to do about the salvage. There is some concern as to whether their ship is up for it, but Ken assures them they should be able to handle it with minimal or no ship modifications – the discussion continues but is stopped abruptly when someone realizes Marcus is there.

Marcus requests passage and possibly crew membership for a while on the ship and is warmly received by Ethan in the form of a gauss rifle. Discussion ensues, and eventually they decide to let Marcus travel with them until such time as they can get him officially signed on, Keziah however gives his vote contingent on him being allowed to stick his hand up Marcus’s a** – an idea met with quite a bit of resistance by Marcus.

The discussion about salvage resumes and eventually they decide to finish their currently contracted run then head out to try to salvage, doing any necessary upgrades on Sentry



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